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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Important Action Item

Anonymous said...

I called Biden's Office - he is supporting Lamont.

I called Carper's office - his spokesperson "did not know".

Since Leiberman is now saying that Democrats are extremists and outside the mainstream, I urged that they both ask Harry Reid to strip Leiberman of all committee assignments and chairmanships, and exclude him from all Democratic planning sessions.

Please help:
Biden: 302-573-6345
Carper: (DE) (302)573-6291


Update: Nobody at Carper's office knows what he is going to do* - SO IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU CALL TODAY! Guys like Carper are driving good Democrats into the Green Party.

Carper is on vacation with his family in Europe.
Call Biden's office and ask if that includes money from his Unite our States PAC because Lamont got Cash from HILLPAC, Edwards ONEAMERICA PAC and i think what ever Evan Bayh's Pac is. If only the next president Wes Clark could afford it.
Remember "Sore Loserman," the Republican play on Gore-Lieberman when the pair were contesting the 2000 election results? Suddenly the term has gained currency on the other side of the spectrum, as the Angry Left seeks to excommunicate the onetime vice presidential nominee. A Google search of this afternoon turned up 205 pages containing the phrase.

This may mean a new market for the Arizona Shirt Co. , whose Web site proclaims, "The Democracts [sic] still can't get over it. So we'll still sell the shirts! . . . These items make great gifts, historical momentos for your grand kids, and they're guaranteed to drive your liberal friends crazy." And now they'll appeal to your liberal friends who are already crazy!

You sucked on the radio today.
Call Tom Carper's office now!!! According to the DLC (Democratic Losers Council), Carper is going to support Loserman over the Lamont:


The Democratic Leadership Council as an organization cannot and will not endorse candidates in federal elections. Leaders of the DLC exercising their rights as individuals will be on both sides of the Connecticut Senate race this fall. DLC Chairman Tom Vilsack, for example, has pledged to support the Democratic nominee. DLC Vice Chair Tom Carper has said he will support Senator Lieberman in November."

Call Carper's office now!
Don't bother. I talked to Bill Ghent and the Lieberman endorsement is a done deal.

The DLC is a disaster. They still don't get it.
Then I guess I'll be working to get him out of office, eh?
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