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Thursday, August 10, 2006


I'm a skeptic

Does the Bush operation have any credibility when it comes to terror...? Or does this kind of bomb plot come around every elections season?

Here is what I faxed to Al's WDEL show:

It must be mid-term election season...
Time to crank the threat level up to “EVERYBODY FREAK OUT!!!”

I wonder if this bomb plot will turn out to be like the MIAMI Al al Qaeda cell..? Complete nonsense.

The Bush machine keeps playing the “terror card” and why not. It works!

Now, this could turn out to be real, but until I get some hard news. I'm not impressed.

Initial, panicked reports are usually unreliable. The corrections never make the news.
Yeah, I'm sure America and Great Britain are killing their aviation economies just to score points.

You're ridiculous, and you are on the wrong side of this issue.
It's all a scared reaction to Lamont defeating Lieberman!!! Karl Rove's evil hands are all over this!
I guess we'll know in the fullness of time.
We prevent guns on airplanes without closing down airports and cancelling a full schedule of flights. Why is it now panic time?
If this checks out, this is how you actually fight a 'war on terror', good old fashioned police work.

Not, by sending all your combat troops to some country that had nothing to do with global terror.
Don't go trying to talk sense to these guys.

IF Bush says FREAK OUT - just FREAK OUT.
Jason -- I can't be sorry that thousands of people weren't blown up in mid-air so you could have proof.

And, I don't see a whole lot of panic.
Though I agree that sending troops into the country was a poor choice, this comment is just laughable: some country that had nothing to do with global terror.
I'm confused Hube, sending troops into Pakistan or into Great Britain?

But seriously...

"If this checks out, this is how you actually fight a 'war on terror', good old fashioned police work."

In part, but also by law enforcement communicating and collaborating with intelligence without a virtual wall of the sort that Jamie Gorelick helped to make even more inpenetrable. That woman should have been testifying in front of the 9/11 comission, not sitting on it.
In any political conversation just sit back and wait for someone to say it was Clinton's fault.

It always comes back to Clinton.
Yes Jason, it's what you might call an inconvenient truth. The 9/11 attacks may have been carried out "on George W. Bush's watch" but they were planned on Clinton's, by evil men who were emboldened by their victory (thanks to WJC's weakness and criminal incompetence) in Somalia.
And who was Pres when the Evil Ones were planning the 1993 attack on the WTC, hmmm???

GHWB's support of the Saudi royal family pissed off the Islamic fundamentalists long before Clinton. The last straw for the modern al Quaeda was the US base Bush built in Saudi for the first Gulf War.
If only they would give GWB half of the scrutiny these guys give Clinton - the calls for impeachment would ring throughout rightwingdom.
Jason, I first heard of the attcks the other morning and did not know the details so I CRINGED when Al read your comments on air
But a follow up revealed that this cell was called in on a tip months ago and so that made it a simple jumep to conclude that it was a timely bust to counter the DEM bouce with the Lieberman ouster.

Sorry DE GOPerheads....this one was a ROVIAN deal withot a doubt.

Hearing the press conference of the HS officials and the absurd "check all liquids" put please keep flying mantra. no one will not fly...the planes targeted were all leaving from Great Britain after all.

An since when have the Brits not covered our neocon ass?
Know what, wingnuts? Middle East region people (think Arabia, Persia, Ottoman Empire and so on) have loathed anything remotely considered a connection to European influence and then the Western-world (in more modern times) since who the F knows when. I wish it weren't true, but that goes the other way, too. This isn't Bush, Clinton, Bush, Regan, Carter, etc, etc's fault. This crap is CENTURIES old. It just gets more freaking scary because evolving technology allows it to. We have had a rotating door of "what do I do, what do I do" calling the shots in this crap for several presidencies (fortunately for some, this was not so much an issue all the time), not just one or two.

To find solace in blaming this president or that president is stupid and wrong (all due apologies to the WNJ and Buzzbait for using that term). The policy is indeed flawed, but all I have ever heard are talking points on either how we stay STRONG or we PULL OUT. To hell with the easy answers, I want to read or hear something with real freaking analysis and strategy.

To take this further and claim this is all a grand staging to wag the dog??? Call freaking Oliver Stone already. He'll probably give you writers credit for the effort. Michael Moore would do it, except he probably can't think of enough over-dub material to fill another film.

Do I think they are capitalizing on this? Duh! They're national-level politicians, of course they are. Do I agree with you that this was all a freaking hoax to coax voters back? Oliver is on the phone, he wants to talk.

Holy crap your credibility is beginning to go thin.

You got it baby. Keep your pimp hand strong, as they say in the 'hood.
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