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Friday, August 04, 2006


If kos and Dean are in the center, who is on the left?

RickJ asks,

If LaMont wins this primary (as expected) but loses the General election to Lieberman (as polling indicates), would it completely invalidate the Dems in CT? Not trying to be smarmy (for once) - I'd like to hear your opinion


If Lieberman loses the primary - I don't think he has a prayer of winning the general as an "I" no matter what the polling now says. This is unprecedented so I don't think the polling means much.

The little bit of organization he has is from the union's and they will go over to the "D" and his beltway insider buddies like Biden have promised to go over to Lamont.

Lieberman thinks the "R's" will swarm over to him - but he is in for a shock. Once they feel they have a shot at the seat it will be "Joe who?" as far as the Ct. GOP is concerned.

But if worse comes to worse and the "R" takes the seat it is really a wash. An "R" has it now so - no net change. (This idea that Lieberman is a "liberal" or "moderate" who only parts company with the Dems on the war is utter BS. Like Castle, it is all clever PR and astute vote counting.)

However, if Lamont wins the general election (as will probably happen - Lamont has built a great operation, and Connecticut like Delaware is desperate for Congress to start saying "NO!" to this out of control President) it will be more of a correction to the center than a move to the left.

The "left" has been driven out of the party by accommodationists like Lieberman and DLC types like Tom Carper and Bill Clinton. I think about someone like Dana Garrett, and I don't blame him one bit for hitting the exit. What has the Democratic Party offered people like him? NADA.

So yes. 10 years ago the Lamont/kos/Dean/jason's of the world would have been regarded as centrists - but we are the only left...left.

Respectfully, I disagree with your first point. I would think that a party that claims to represent the people would have a less exclusioinary mindset. Leiberman disagreeing on several issues (yet still maintaining a "Liberal Rating higher than many within his own party - ) shouldn't have made him the pariah you and others have created. I would also ask when Leiberman became so poisonous - he seemed like a vibrant part of the Democratic party in 2000, when selected as the VP candiate on the ticket.

The second question hasn't been answered - "Who is the "Left" if kos, Dean, and you are the center?" However, having recently witnessed how irritating it is to ask the same question over and over and over and over, I'll let your non-reply be the answer.
Joe keeps his rating by voting AGAINST Alito when it does not matter in the full Senate, but FOR letting the nomination out of committee when it could have meant something. His record is full of crap like that and the Ct voters have been onto his act for a while now.

It is just that cynical kind of vote counting and insider-y BS that makes Lieberman and Castle so sickening and repulsive to most people.

As for who is the left - I think I covered it. Why do you think I call this blog Delawareliberal?
This RickJ is in a snit about Doug Williams take on a Politakid post about Ferris (does he realize we all think delinquent when we hear his name?)
Kid can take the heat but there will always be those hovering mama and papa types to defend his right to post as slanted as you please.
Jason got in there with a few digs that I myself found over the top but I say THE KID CAN TAKE IT....

Williams should stay in the game and pinch those toes where he can....shoot if the kid can take it a paid newsman better damn face the fires!!!!!!
Jason got in there with a few digs that I myself found over the top but I say

That he is lacking creativity and originality? That was over the top?
If Lamont, Kos et al are pushing the party to the left... What are conservatives going to say when Lamont wins the general? That CT is going socialist?
They only have a few curse words to sling around.




But like all curse words they lose thier power with overuse - so "socialists" will gain popularity and be listening for this one "Speaker Pelosi".

That phrase scares the bejesus out of your right-winger.
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