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Sunday, August 13, 2006


Hube tracks down Cape School District lawsuit

Hube has some great blogging on the unknown Muslim family's lawsuit against the IRSD CHSD.
Back on July 29, the NY Times did an expose on the Dobrich family and their lawsuit against the Indian River School District. In that article, the author noted that "a Muslim family in another part of Sussex County" had also filed a lawsuit similar to that of the Dobrich's.

"A mother of three schoolgirls has filed a federal lawsuit against the Cape Henlopen School District, claiming school officials were disrespectful of their Islamic faith and didn't stop harassment by other students.

The lawsuit, made public Friday in U.S. District Court in Wilmington, accuses a teacher at Shields Elementary School in Lewes of equating Muslims to terrorists while instructing a fourth-grade class last school year.

During the course of that lesson, students were told 'Muslims believe the Koran teaches war and hatred'; 'Muslims believe that people who do not practice Islam are evil,' " the lawsuit said.

School officials are accused of refusing to allow the girl in that class to explain Islam to her schoolmates, even though the teacher had discussed Christian symbols during Christmas.

"[When] it was suggested by the parent, that her daughter ... would make a balanced presentation explaining the Muslim religion to the classroom, to boost her self-esteem, it was expressed that such an action would be inappropriate, in that it would 'open a can of worms,' " the lawsuit alleges.


Hube points out that this case did not makes the papers due to the fact that, in contrast to the Dobrich case, the system seems to have worked. The injured party filed a lawsuit and the suit appears to be settled to everyone's satisfaction. (It is amazing what happens when publicity hungry radio douche bags don't get involved. eh?)

The abject ignorance and stupidity of this one teacher is cause for concern as is the ongoing push to make Christianity the official religion of Sussex country school districts. However, this case shows that when reasonable people make a good faith effort to resolve their differences everyone wins.

Jase: Thanks for the shout-out. The question remains, though, why was no mention of the settlement made in either the initial News Journal report, or the more-than-year later NY Times report?

It makes me think that the settlement blew up in everyone's faces. Who knows. Stand by.
I'm hoping it was just imprecise reporting (and that peace and common sense have taken the day) but we'll see.

If the settlement did blow up (as it did in the Dobrich case) you have to look at the anti-ACLU types like Stop the ACLU who are spoiling for a fight and are looking for a kind of "Roe vs. Wade" test case to bring to court.
BTW, the Muslim family suit was (is) against Cape Henlopen District, not Indian River as you indicate in your opening sentence. Just to be clear.
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