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Sunday, August 20, 2006


Here is a sentence I never thought I'd type...

Go visit Politakid.

I gave his page on Delaware's Iraq war dead a brief mention on Friday - but if you glanced over the link and did not click through please do so now.

Given that this midterm election is a referendum on Bush, it is important to think about and honor the men that George Bush and Michael Castle regard as so much disposable human scenery. By ducking any discussion of the war that Michael Castle once referred to as a great "success" he is trying to duck is way to another term of useless impotence.

Not that Castle is alone in trying to shove the war under the rug. You may not have noticed, but as far as the whole right side of the Delawareblogosphere is concerned the war has simply gone away. With the exception of Politakid, the war is never mentioned on the right.

That is too bad for all of the patriotic and well meaning Lance Corporals and Sergeants who continue to be hung out to dry in this fiasco. Too bad for the country that we are letting the Castle's of the world get away with it.

UPDATE: We're fighting them over there they tell us.

"We sent our nation's finest young men and women over there, so we won't have to fight them over here. They promise us nothing will touch us. As if we can be insulated from war and everything that flows from it. As if our troops will come back undamaged and whole after their third, fourth, fifth deployments to hell and back.

They lied. The war has reached our shores.

Read about the breaking of Sgt. Shawn Gianforte here.

Thanks for the link, Jason. I'm impressed you found my page considering you say I write a blog you "never read due to the fact that it is nothing but warmed over GOP talking points with little original insight or creativity".

In fact, since you claim that the other right-wingers are trying to ignore the war and then you say that I am not doing that, doesn't that prove wrong your assertion that my blog is nothing but GOP talking points?
I was loking for new right-wing talking points to debunk when I happened upon the page you set up.

As far as right-wingers ignoring the war - if you know of anyone posting on it, I'd be happy to hear about it.
Good going Kid!!!! Sock it to 'em!!!!

I am a regualr visitor to Politakid's great site and find his breadth of subject, warmth and humor to be an entirely refreshing break from GOP talking points (for the most part...when he does fall in, I strongly make my objections!).

DE right wingos are tiring of Jason's bleat? I am urging Jason to keep up the tempo.
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