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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Get ready for the unhinged wing-nut spin

Here it comes....

You can hear the rumble and feel the ground shake....

"IMPEACHMENT!!! IMPEACHMENT!!! They want to IMPEACH the President!"

Forget the fact that the President lied to get us into this war and forget the fact that he continues to lie about his domestic spying programs. Forget that they thought Clinton should be impeached for getting a blow job, and look at what they are trying to do with this line of spin.

They are trying to split up Democrats again into opposing camps. On the one hand you have John Conyers who favors starting impeachment procceddings in order to finally get to the bottom of the pile of lies that Bush used to start the war, and on the other had you guys like Dennis Spivack who makes the case that the next Congress have enough to do to repair Bush's Multiple screw-ups to get bogged down in an impeachment fight.

They are both valid positions and I've been on both sides from time to time. I think you can be a good Democrat and have either position. But here is the important part: have a position because you are going to be asked about where you stand on impeachment. Have a position and allow that every Democrat may not share your opinion.

NOTE: I don't know if I have Spivack's current thinking on impeachment, but that is what he said at a Progressive Dems meeting way back in the February.

Am I "unhinged" b/c I think impeaching Bush is a colossal waste of time -- just as thought Clinton's impeachment was a colossal waste of time?
Like I said, I think people can have different opionions about impeachment, but if you try to argue that we need to keep this rubber stamp, budget busting, out of control congress in place to stave off the kos-o-fascist impeachment brigades - THEN I would say you are unhinged.
No, I'd say that electing a Democrat Congress ain't gonna do much to change a blessed thing.
Al Mascitti said today that he was not for impeachment because all Bush did was misjudge a few things...boy perspective IS everything.

I call this Bushdumb an orchestrated road to hell and high corporate profits (at every turn no matter what death or destruction comes about from it).

So, no pass on impeachment for me!!
Can we have gay marriage now...?
Impeachment is a great issue, Spivac should put it on his yard signs!
I thought impeachment was the entirety of Spivack's platform?
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