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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


A fan writes...


You sucked on the radio today.

When you're right you're right. I sucked today. I console myself with the thought that if I was not on the radio sucking, that would be one less rational person (sucking or not) on the radio.

Anyway, I wish I had read this email from Howard Dean prior to sitting down in the station.

C'est la vie.

Maybe I'll suck less next time, maybe not. Either way, I'm going to keep trying to save this country from Republican malfeasance. What choice do I have?

Sucking on the radio is better than getting dropped from a radio program three times in one hour.

It's all relative, brother.
Thanks for the perspective.

I guess I could be sucking on the radio in Beruit...

THAT would be worse.
...or Beirut for that matter.
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