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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Drinking Liberally TONIGHT

The first *Delaware* Drinking Liberally group will meet TONIGHT, Thursday Aug 31, at 7pm at Deer Park in Newark.

Drinking Liberally is a social organization - a way to meet new progressives and to catch up with old ones! It was started in NY and now has chapters throughout the country - and tonight we are adding Delaware to the list!

All are welcome! Join us tonight from 7-9pm at the Deer Park Tavern . Find us at the second floor bar.

Thanks!! DanaR

UPDATE: I am definitely going to this.

Also – if you can’t make this DL meeting but still want to create a durable democratic infrastructure, build Democratic strength at the grassroots level and help reform the Democratic party, be sure to go to the Progressive Democrats for Delaware meeting on September 6th.

I drink liberally, but I won't be attending.

I think I owe you a beer anyway. Some other time I guess.

Anyone else,

This is short notice for me but I'm going to try.

In case I make it - print out the DL post and bring it with you - if I show - I'll buy you a beer.
Thanks for posting this Jason! You rock!!! Will we see you there??
Yes. Thank God for Grandma's short notice baby sitting service.
We need to put you on the newly-formed email list - sorry for short notice! Glad you can be there! Kudos to Grandma!
When the Progressives of Delaware un-endorse Charles Potter I may attend a meeting.
I don't know Wilm politics enough to have a take on that. Nancy Willing makes a decent case that maybe the PDD endorsement comittee got sold a bill of goods. Maybe.

An anon commenter thinks that the 1st SD is a proxy for the Carney/Markell battle to come.
Harris = Carney.
Potter = Markell

Probably an R looking to help out Chambers.
DAMN!!!! I missed it. I got home and had some errands to know Bed Bath Beyond and then Home Depot....crap!
I missed it too.

Can we use a spotlight to shine a giant beer mug over the Deer Park, kind of like the Bat Signal?

Too many kids would get run over by trains if we did that...
The DEM batlight = my power went out last night before I read this posting (I live five minutes from Deer Park). I would have gotten the sky call though!
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