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Sunday, August 27, 2006


Does Your Prius Get 100 mpg ? It could.

It would not take an "Apollo Program" to change our energy policy from one that props up Iran to one that our grandchildren could live with. It would just take leadership. Since leadership from the top is ...uhhhm...lacking - these folks have decided to lead from the back.

My new favorite TV channel, TreehuggerTV has the story.

100 mpg Calcars are are patriotic.

this months Popular Science looks at what it would take to build a 100mpg car.

They conclude that it can be done with current technology, but...

the car would cost $100,000 each
would be a 4 seater with no cargo room.
wouldn't run in the snow.
and ofcourse, the fuel savings would not cover the cost.
I believe it is possible to configure a stock Prius to get closer to 100 MPG on a more consistent basis.

The European version apparently has a manual over-ride that allows a driver to specify eletric operation. I understand that the onboard computer will allow that until the battery runs down to problematically low levels, at which point it will bring the Internal Combustion Engine back on-line.

I have seen after-market over-ride switches advertised for a small charge ($50? $100?) that owners can install to do this. It is my understanding that that oiption was not allowed on cars for the US market.

If you could specify all-electric operation, you would start to get much closer to 100 mpg than the general average of around 50 mpg that most of us get.

I doubt I would use that option on my commute -- at least the parts on 113 and 1 between Lewes and Dover -- but I wouuld want to use that more in my around-towning and on Route 1 in summer beach traffic.

All this by way of suggesting that $100,000 for a car capable of 100 mpg is a little off the mark.
Watch the film Hap. The upgrade can be done for $2,000.

People are doing it. I just don;t get why you guys want to keep supporting Iran.
"you guys"?

how's that upgraded prius working for you Jason? what kind of milage are you getting?
I have a Ford F150.

I (heart) Iran and have a picture of Hugo Chavez up over my fireplace.
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