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Monday, August 07, 2006


The DLC vs Real Democrats in a Nutshell

"Republican lite" Tom Carper and Progressive Democrat Rebecca Young give a perfect summary of where the Democratic party is right now. Notice how Carper stands for nothing other than vote counting and being re-elected while the the Progressive Democrat demands that the party show some backbone.

Carper: ""If we can't support a Joe Lieberman, who has broad support among moderates, it could hurt us in winning back some red [Republican] states."

Young: "Subconsciously, I think people get the sense that we're chasing after the Republicans to the right, I like to see us Democrats show some backbone and stop that. ... People like us are trying to go left so we really can wind up bringing the party back to the center."

I can't believe that someone with the great politcal instincts of Tom Carper can be so dead wrong on Lieberman.

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Trust the DLC to try and snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory.
Comment from this morning's Guardian about the Lamont/Lieberman showdown:
Some have described it as a struggle for the heart and soul of the Democratic party, but a more accurate portrayal would be a battle to establish whether the party should have a soul at all. It raises not only the question of what does the party stand for apart from office but also whether it is prepared to adopt an agenda that could actually win office. This race could set the tone for the 2008 presidential elections.

Less then half of those backing Lamont cite the war as the main reason. "It's mostly about the war but not exclusively," says Christine Koskoff at a Lamont meeting at Bristol's Clock and Watch Museum. "It's about Senator Lieberman articulating the agenda of the rightwingers who run this country. The war sums up everything that's wrong."
Amen to anony....JL Is just an awful shill for Bush and the neocons and that rubs me the wrong way for sure.
Heart and Soul of the party was the Hannity rant today.

I used these quotes in my story, Jason....great minds think alike?
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