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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Democrats File in 425 Races: Only 10 R's Unopposed

The National GOP just got its ass handed to it in the first mid-term election competition: candidate recruitment.

Not only did Democrats break the record, Republicans laid an egg by putting up the second worst total for either party since 1994. The overall Democratic margin, 35 districts, is twice the size of the previous record. That record was set in 1994, when Republicans challenged 18 more districts than Democrats. - via Mydd

The credit for this should go to Democrats like Dennis Spivack who has the guts and the energy to take on people like the loathsome Michael Castle.

No offense Jason, but the benchmark is victories, not contests.
However once again a sitting senator did not get challenged in a red state 04 ot was crappo in ID this time it's Lugar in IN.
unrelated - but Jason I just added your site to our blog roll on Jack's site - while you're over there check out the bike tour!
the benchmark is victories

I agree. This puts us in a position to have more than 15.

Say it with me. "Speaker Pelosi".
The benchmark may be victories, but the first step is getting people to run.

We now have potential victories, which is far better than unopposed R-incumbents.
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