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Friday, August 18, 2006


The debate debates

Mike M at Down with Absolutes lays the DE GOP's hypocrisy bare with this post about how St. Ferris is trying to get some mileage out of calling for a debate while other R's duck the debate question.

Now comes word that a Republican running for the 1st Senate District — Gregory Chambers — is steadfastly refusing to participate in debates against primary-opponent Tyler Nixon. Both Republicans, Nixon is seeking to engage Chambers in a hearty debate so that Republican voters in the 1st Senate District will be able to best decide who should represent them in the general election this November.

DWA neglects to mention that the mighty Michael Castle is also playing the Beau Biden card in his refusal to debate Dennis Spivack. Who would have ever thought that the "party of personal responsibility" would be so chicken when it came to standing up in front of actual voters.

On the other hand, If I had Michael Castle’s voting record - I'd try to stay under the radar as well.

Good point, Jason! I'll add that as an update.
Dennis should take out radio adds letting the voters know that Castle is ducking debates.
how many debates has Spivac scheduled with his primary opponent? Is Spivac ducking her?
Isn't he a little ahead of himself, demanding a debate with Castle when he still has to win his primary to reach the november ballot?
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