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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Dear Democratic Elected Officials

Delaware Dem is a Kos diarist. This is his open letter to elected officials.

To All Democratic elected officials, whether you be a mayor, a senator, a dog catcher, a president, a congressman, or a county commissioner:

Yesterday, Democratic primary voters went to the polls in Georgia, Michigan, Colorado and Connecticut. As what happened is what has been happening for the last sixty years or more. The party voters, the people who actually make up the rank and file of the Democratic Party, made their voices heard. They chose the candidate that they want to represent their beliefs, their ideas, their passion, and their policies at the polls and against the Republicans in November.

In Connecticut, that candidate is Ned Lamont. He is now the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut.

And he represents the best hopes and dreams of the majority of Connecticut Democrats who chose him. Indeed, unlike many other primary elections where turnout of the party voters ranges from negligible to underwhelming at best, Connecticut Democrats flocked to the polls in record numbers to make their choice known.

So who the hell are you to question that choice?

If you are a Democrat this morning, you will ethusiastically support Ned Lamont in the fall. You will support him, campaign for him, contribute money to him. You will do for him what you do for other Democratic candidates across this land.

By contrast, Joe Lieberman, a former Democrat who left the Party last night because he could not abide democracy and the will of his party constituents, is to receive none of your hard work, encouraging words, or support, financial or otherwise. He is a party of one, a sore loserman if there ever was one. He decries partisan politics, when he really means that we Democrats should just be subservient to the Republicans. He compares opposition and dissent to treachery and treason. He, a former champion of civil rights and the working poor, is today only a champion of himself and George Bush.

If you dare to support Joe Lieberman, in any way, you are no longer a Democrat and we will seek to remove you from office. We will be watching. And we are not asking for much, only that support which you would give any Democrat who wins his primary.

Delaware Dem

I love it. Please, please do this. Go to war with your own party. Let me know what I can do to help make this happen.
I called Biden's Office - he is supporting Lamont.

I called Carper's office - his spokesperson "did not know".

Since Leiberman is now saying that Democrats are extremists and outside the mainstream, I urged that they both ask Harry Reid to strip Leiberman of all committee assignments and chairmanships, and exclude him from all Democratic planning sessions.

Please help:
Biden: 302-573-6345
Carper: 302-573-6291
I love the commanding tone: You Will, You Will, You Will.
Inclusive "big tent" party? Dems crack me up.
I think that we should absolutely call Carper on his decision to support Lieberman. Uh, HELLO! You're a Democrat, a Senator, and as such should not even think twice about supporting the person that the Democrats of Connecticut chose to represent them. How dare Carper support this loser.
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