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Saturday, August 12, 2006


The Confession of a Reformed Ticket Splitter

In response to one of my Daily Kos Diaries on Michael Newbold Castle, "donnas" captures the sentiments of many Delaware Democrats I've spoken to:

Mike Castle used to be a moderate when he was in local politics.

I don't know what's happened to him over the past couple years, but for the first time in my voting life, I'm not going to vote for him... and I told him so recently after receiving a response from him that showed he no longer had the interest of his constituents in mind.

I don't have the letter anymore. I kept the letter for a few months but I recently threw it away in a cleaning fit. Over the past few years he's almost always voted against my beliefs, but that was the only time he bothered to respond to my letters to him.

I write to Biden, Carper and Castle regularly (via e-mail) regarding issues important to me. Carper always responds via e-mail, Biden usually responds -- also via e-mail, but Castle only responded the one time and via a paper letter. (Guess I know where he stands on the environment!)

Honestly, when I saw it was from him, I expected it would be a fundraising letter since he had never bothered to reply before.

I don't know what happened to him, but as the Congress has gone hard-core right over the past few years, he's gone with them. Sadly, he'll probably have no chance of losing in November, even though he's clearly out of touch with Delaware voters these days. I wish he could be "Roth'd" this term -- but maybe it will happen in 2008.

I was always proud of being a ticket splitter because I was voting for the candidate that best reflected my views rather than voting by party without thought to the effect. Like many, I'm getting to the point where it seems better to just vote all Dem and not have to worry that my choice will show ultra-conservative tendencies once he and his party are in a position to do so.


I hear you donna. Castle's recent record of supporting Bush puts the lie to his many years of alleged moderation. Every voter in Delaware who is paying attention feels as though Castle is spitting in their face every time he votes with Bush and the radical right wing of the Republican party.

Here, Here, I was thinking this AM that we have a screwed up state with the kind of insestuousjmixing of people for jobs and the influences that remain over time..oh so much like the left-over 70's power-heads now controlling the Bush agenda, don't we have a similar situation in our top eschlon of elders?

Coons first has Singleton as his snecond (who was around in just about every pie imaginable) and goes right to Bullock one of the Carper boys long-standing.

Carper and Caslte dandy dancing ina jostle for jobs that never challlenges them, more like annoint we do our judges.

As Minner was to Carper, Castle was to Pete duPont and so we have a chain f command, if you will, right back to one of the msot gratuitous of GOPers of our era.

So where does that leave Party olitics in DE? One really must imagine!!!
Nancy, I can't get worked up about Chris Coon right now. Sorry.

Cleaning up the house will have to wait until the country is not run by maniacs.

My laptop keybord is sticking too (just an excuse for the crappy typing)
I am less concerned with Coons out side of whether he is getting "advice" from the "top", than I am with the state hierarchy.
Castle is a right winger...?

You really don't know anything about politics, son. You're about as sharp as a bowling ball.
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