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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Celia Cohen is a Shamless Ho. Yes, it is that simple.

Read Celia Cohen's over-the-top-suck up to Carper and Castle and think about the sad fact that most of Delaware regards this gushing school girl as a "political reporter".

Where is the reporting? Where is the news? When was the last time Cohen asked a poltician a serious question? Pitiful.

I agree that this latest is one of her weakest ever. "She shows the back of her imperial hand to all but incumbents"...isn't that your marvelous quote from another blog comment, Jase?
I try to tell myself - at least her bias, like mine, is transparent.

But then people go around treating her like an objective journalist. It is crazy. Nobody treats me like an objective journalist.
Is it "shameless" or "shamless"? ;-)
She is full of Sham - but lacking in shame so I guess it is shameless.

The shitty speller strikes again.
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