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Monday, August 28, 2006


A Celebration

In TIME'’s September 4th issue, there is a profile of Nancy Pelosi that should serve as an encouragement to voters everywhere who are looking forward to the Democrats taking control of the House. Here is a revealing excerpt on how the Dems saved Social Security from George Bush's wrecking ball:

When Bush announced his Social Security plan last year, Pelosi told House Democrats they could never beat him in a straight-ahead, policy-against-policy debate because he had the megaphone of the presidency and was just coming off re-election. So the Democrats would thunderously attack Bush and argue there was no Social Security crisis and therefore no need for them to put out their own proposal. Some members were leery, concerned that Pelosi would make the Democrats look like the Party of No. As the spring of 2005 wore on, some pestered her every week, asking when they were going to release a rival plan. "Never. Is never good enough for you?" Pelosi defiantly said to one member. When Florida Democrat Robert Wexler publicly suggested raising Social Security taxes as the solution, Pelosi immediately chewed him out over the phone. Only one other Democrat signed on to his plan.

No rival plan was needed because the notion that Social Security is in crisis is nonsense. While the republicans could trick their brain dead followers into thinking that Social Security was in crisis and thereby create windfall profits their Wall Street cronies, Pelosi did not allow the debate to unfold that way and a major Bush catastrophe was averted.

In addition to thwarting President Dumbass on Social Security, with the Dems take back the House, Pelosi, and a Democratic Congress will have "subpoena power"” and the ability to begin to dig into the many crimes committed by George Bush and Dick Cheney.

If you want to hasten the country's return to reason, logic and common sense go to ActBlue right now and donate to the House candidates on the slate.

h/t First State Politics

the notion that Social Security is in crisis is nonsense.

Not according to the Social Security commission. But hey, you Dems are good at playing head-in-the-sand politics.

It's fitting that you are proud of the "attack without a plan of our own" politics that the Dems play.
I saw you rolled out the new RNC talking point: Dems want to save us from Bush!

I hope you stick with it through November.
The Republicans wanted to "fix" Social Security like they wanted to "fix" Iraq.
Yep. Like they "fixed" New Orleans.

With leaders like Bush/Castle, who needs Al Al qaeda ?
When Republicans says they want to "reform" something, cover your groin and put one hand on your wallet.
No, Anon, that's for when Dems say they want to "invest" in something. As for New Orleans, look at Mississippi, which has done a stellar job of cleaning up and rebuilding. Just goes to show what you can accomplish when you have adult supervision. New Orleanians, on the other hand, stayed stuck on stupid and re-elected Ray "Chocolate City" Nagin.
You must know that Nagin is a Republican. ...right?

Several news sources including BBC News have stated that Nagin was a registered Republican for most of his adult life, switching to Democrat shortly before seeking office [1][2]. ...Nagin was a registered Republican up until the day he ran for office.

Anyway, I agree - Republicans are in need of adult supervision.
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