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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Castle's communication operations seems to be in complete disarray

I called my Congressman Bush's man from Delaware again this morning. Here is the rough transcript.

Hugh: Good Morning Congressman Castle's office.

Me: Good Morning, could I speak to Elizabeth Wenk please?

Hugh: May I tell her who is calling?

Me: Sure, Jason from Delawareliberal.

Hugh: Hold on please. (on hold...) I'm sorry, she is on the phone would you like to leave a message for her on her voice mail?

Me: Yes, but let me ask you a quick question. Congressman Castle is making some sort of announcement on September 5th - do you happen to know what that is about?

Hugh: No. I don't know.

Me: Okay - well I guess I'll leave that message.

Hugh: Hold please. [transfers to voice mail]

Me: Elizabeth. Hi this is Jason. I understand Mr. Castle is making some sort of announcement on September 5th. I was just calling to see what that was about. I was hoping that maybe he was going to announce that he was sorry about supporting Bush - you know I still have not gotten a response to that question. So, okay. If that is the announcement . Great. You can reach me at (302)6xx-xxxx or at Thanks. (Click)

So, not only do they not respond to a simple question: Does Castle regret supporting Bush?, but his mouthpiece hides under her desk when I call to ask about this mysterious September 5th announcement.

Castle's DC number is (202) 225-4165 if anyone cares to try and get my question answered.

This has turned into a rotten SNL skit. The joke isn't funny, and yet you keep telling it, and telling it, and telling it. It's like I've accidentally bookmarked Chris Kattan's Myspace page.
Dude you have fallen off your rocker... and I am a hardcore liberal.
... and I am a hardcore liberal.

Sure. And I'm the tooth fairy.
So the Republicans don't like your phone calls. That means you should keep making them.
no jason, your not the tooth fairy, your are an extension of the Spivac campaign and should be ignored.

Your like the guy, in the chicken costume, the clinton's had following Bush Sr.... only not as energetic.

Do you know where I can get a chicken costume? I'm not energetic enough to find one on my own.
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