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Sunday, August 27, 2006


Brian Moore Unlikely to Survive Primary

Richard Korn might not have Brian Moore to beat up on in a few weeks.

Dana's excellent post on the Moore accountability problems and the ensuing scandal should deal a death blow to Roger Roy's hand picked heir. Here is the money:

"But given Moore's capacity to shift the blame onto others (even his in-laws for God'’s sake!) for his repeat offenses, I believe the voters of the 20th Representative District should ask themselves: Does the Delaware Legislature need yet another politician who will not take responsibility for his actions and inactions but, instead, will most likely blame others? Haven'’t we suffered from too many legislators in Delaware like that already?"

Not only does Moore look horrible - but Korn is emerging as just the kind of crusading bulldog that these times call for. While Moore tries to pretend that this is not an issue, Korn's work on this points out that paying attention to the rules is the issue this year.

Whether it is "undisclosed conflict of interest" "fundraising", or "illegally distributing absentee ballots" or in Michael Castle's case "rubber stamping" the brain dead decisions of higher-ups - the modern Republican party is constantly on the side of defending some unethical is not illegal practice.

The Bottom Line:

Moore is displaying all the arrogance and high-handedness of an incumbent without the benefits incumbency. While it is true that Moore's primary oponent, Nick Manolakos, probably still has an uphill battle against the GOP anointedted golden boy, and Moore's candidacy has only been dealt a "death blow" if voters are paying attention. [I don't need to tell anyone that is a big "IF" in Delaware.]

At the very least, Celia Cohen will have to revise her take on this race and move it from the "Likely Republican" to "Tossup" and if she is struck by a bout of honest, maybe even "Likley Democratic".

I love your bulldog imagery, Jason.
Richard Korn should be easily able to shake off the incumbent-tainted Moore if, by miracle, Moore makes it to the general election.
Brian Moore should win his primary by 20 points. He'll then beat Korn by 10-15 points.

Your handicapping of political races is laughable.
Big talk.....getting jittery I guess.

As far as my handicapping is concerned - picked the Lamont/Lieberman race withing a half a percent.
Brian will work for greater accountability of education dollars to build better schools and bring better resources to our district.

I find this sentence from his platform more than a tad bit ironic.
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