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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Bank of America Needs the Money

Check out Donviti's De la whare on the corprate citizenship of Delaware's new 600lb gorrila.

Bank of America, which bought MBNA last year, will not continue the decade old MBNA Foundation Scholars Program, which has provided more than $22 million to 1,508 Delaware high school seniors.

The commentary is first rate.

Ask Bostontonians what they think of B of A. Promised keeping the business from Fleet there. RIGHT! Closed up that shop damn quick!

I don't like them one bit and I had/have no connection to them. Well, I was an MBNA cardholder. First thing BofA did: reprice. I will 'fess out that my score is plus-750 and my D/I ratio is less than 50. No lates, ever, ever. They said they were changing the terms of the spread so the current day APR goes to 24.99. WTF?! I called, complained. They countered with 19.99. Whoop-dee-freaking-doo. So, 10.99 to 24.99 to, "Oh, yes, you're right, Mr MOT Newbie, we will bring it back down. Sorry about that. We will reset it to 19.99." GAH! F'ing A'holes. Well, from all the identity (banks) changes that account took over 20 years, I closed it down.

Just using my imagination, but I think it would be cool if all of the angry B of A customers (credit card customers, for the dramatic effect) all plan a meeting place and time to appear in front of the DE BofA. We all have a mass credit-card cutting demonstration and leave the shards on premises, in one pile. Maybe we can leave a couple graduation caps and gowns for stronger effect. They suck, they truly do.
Delaware liberal providing common ground once again. Can we tie that protest into a protest of FRIGHTLAND?

Just asking.
thanks for the nod bro (again)
Jason, I saw you at the ticket window for Frightland as I was leaving the ChesDel tonight. They're not open yet. More important, I knew you were a closet fan. I also heard you're voting for Castle. Lastly, and most importantly, for the love of Spivak, get rid of your BofA card, you bastard!!!
You blew your common ground when you blamed this as a republican action. What other labels you keep stored away for easy justification of your causes? Crack house/porn strip rings a bell.
I know something you don't know. That's all I'm saying. I'll let you know what it is when it happens...but it's killing me.
g- if it has to do with frighland and you are not telling me - Im going to be pissed.
...or maybe BofA will pull the same ol' crap here that they did to Bostontonians with Fleet Bank...

Is it Frightland? Is Jason really a silent partner and I'm the sucker giving him endorsement dollars for mentioning Frightland in every comment, ad nauseum?
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