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Friday, August 25, 2006


Around the Horn Friday

You know the drill. Let's get it on.

Dana DEMOLISHES the myth that Tyler Nixon is a "Johnny-come-lately" in the 1st.
Celia Cohen checks in with the Crossans. [Note to Celia - This is exactly the type of story you should stick to. Seriously. ]
Notice anything funny about this blurb at First State Politics ? "The 10th Annual Friends of Vance Phillips Crab Feast and Watermelon Extravaganza is all set for THIS Saturday, August 26th at 3 pm." No mention of Rick Santorum getting all crabby with the DEGOP. Are they trying to keep Senator "man on dog" on the down low?
Politakid went to Philadel...and...he... ZZZZZzzzzzzzz........
Karmic Jay got tagged: "Would you never blog again for $50,000? No. Blogging = sanity I hear you Jay. (Plus George Soros already pays me that PER MONTH!!!)
Nancy covers the "I want a do-over" party's candidate in the 6th RD.
Hube still remembers 9/11. the Iraq war...? Not so much.
Donviti says"The internet is a politicians worst nightmare" and offers GOPer Jean Schmidt of Ohio as proof. (Schmidt doctored a marathon finishing photo). UPDATE: Ooopsie. In Donviti's defense Republican lie so much it is too easy to believe everything that comes down the pike.
"I don't know much about Iraq except that the reasons given for going to war there turned out to be fallacies, that we are now caught in a sectarian civil war that has nothing to do with our national interest, and that the place has turned into an unholy mess. Joe Biden, who has given the matter far more thought than I have, offers his prescription for fixing the mess in today's Washington Post, starting with an acknowledgement of the stark reality of the situation:"

If that Tommywonk intro to a post on Biden's plan does not kick ass - I never heard of ass kicking. (Caution: Only read the Biden plan if you want to know what a thinking politican looks like.)
Kilroy is making exscuses for the hardened criminals supporting Brian Moore.
Mike M + asshat Gaffney = the funny
Peace Out!

I hate to say it, but Joe Biden is looking very good these days.
"Dana DEMOLISHES the myth that Tyler Nixon is a "Johnny-come-lately" in the 1st. "

yeah, Jason is good at smashing myths after he creates them.

Most of the R bloggers and commentors freely admit to knowing Tyler. This isn't his first race afterall.

this is just another of Jason's conspiracy theories. file it under "Republicans are Evil"
Hold on a sec, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. never served in the military, so by Jason standards he has no business commenting on the Iraq War. He never served in Vietnam either; at least Kerry was in-country long enough to get some medals to throw over the White House fence, although they later showed up in his office. But I digress.
Didja notice how I used his middle name? Didja? Apparently that's the way to slag a politician now. Hee hee, Robinette! Poor fella.
Hap - Jason's conspracy theories...?

Anywhoo anon. I agree, Biden is showing something. I'm still not liking him for Pres - but he is a first rate Senator. Carper could learn a thing or twenty.

g- I agree Robinette is a queer middle name. Every bit as odd as "Newbold".
oops, sorry there, little brainfart. I was thinking of a blogger (not you) who bables about the importance of using your real name and then calls radiostations using a fake name... what was his name again?
2 out of 3 aint bad
Sorry that I picked that one to highlight. Schmidt is a freakshow any way you cut it.
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