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Friday, August 18, 2006


Around the Horn Friday

I can't get enough of these "Republicans Turn on Bush" stories. You guys seem to have much wider interests....

But first a question. Is Celia Cohen at Delawaregrapevine a blogger? Well, let's take a look see. Transparent bias?...Check. Funded by a shadowy group of millionaires?...Check. Interested more in character assassination than reporting?...Check. Yes. She is a blogger.

Dave at First State Politics switches to wordpress from blogger. No signs of switching from the party of fantasy and wishful thinking to the party of common sense and results.

Check out Politakid's page on Delaware's Iraq war dead. It is nice to know that as many Republicans decide to run away from any and all discussion of Bush's misbegotten war (Dave - Where is that Iraq post?) Politakid is remembering the Lance Corporals and Sergeants that are getting stabbed in the back by Bush and Castle.

Karmic Jay gets the money quote on Friedman's recent column:

Mr. Cheney, if we’re in a titanic struggle with Islamic fascists, why have you and President Bush resisted any serious effort to get Americans to conserve energy? Why do you refuse to push higher mileage standards for U.S. automakers or a gasoline tax that would curb our imports of oil? (snip... Why? Because it might impose pain on the oil companies and auto lobbies that fund the G.O.P., or require some sacrifice by Americans.

Nancy is keeping the heat on Carper with help from Frieda Berryhill.

Hube's coverage CHSD harassment religious intolerance case continues to impress: The settlement was based on a separate lawsuit brought BY the US DoJ's Civil Rights Division based on the [Muslim] family's complaint. This is a wholly separate legal case than the individual lawsuit brought by the family (the mother) that was reported on in the News Journal and NY Times. Hube regrets that the demands of the family include the district's guarantee that the family's daughters wouldn't face ridicule if they returned to the school. No doubt that is an impossible grantee for a district to make when you are talking about writing a policy to cover "student" behavior - but I think a guarantee of freedom from "staff" abuse is reasonable.

Donviti is taking a break. No new posts since Aug. 11th.

Dana is onto Greg Chambers. If you click through to the earlier Chambers story (and you are a Republican), please admit that you are thinking, "WTF?"

Tommywonk looks down the road "I would expect to continue to hear Republicans attack Democrats on terrorism, like this television ad with Hilary Clinton's face next to Osama bin Laden's. (The ad also misspells "fascists" as "facists." I'm not about to give someone a hard time for spelling...but Clinton and Osama? Does the RNC really want to remind everyone about Osama?

Mike M at Down With Absolutes is calling out R's for ducking debates. I'm down with that.

Jase: Thanks again for the kudos. But I want to point out that I did indeed mention that my "regret"(?) was directed at student harassment of the girls, not staff harassment.
Hey Jason, I just added some new stuff because I knew your Friday round up was coming, but you got to DEWay ahead of me!!
I just read GOPerhead Dave's nice save with the Delathought reveal and was shocked, shocked with the revisionist history (removal of all past post comments) of luck to him.
Hey Jason, I saw Celia Cohen at the Ferris Wharton gig last night. She asked who I was, and I asked her if she read any of "the other blogs" as she may have seen some of my comments. She responded, somewhat haughtily, that she doesn't do a blog. Yeah, right.
G -

That's hilarious.

If anyone happens to see Celia out and about please tell her that you like her blog.
Nancy is so proud of herself that she forced someone into outting themselves and really tried slandering his family in the same rant. I'm sure the celebration party was a hoot. Remember how most of you trashed Dana for trying that back then? Of course, his only turned out to be threats, as the three-headed DT shutdown instead. Nancy followed through. I'm just looking around for consistency, that's all. I guess it's all who you go to bed with (figuritively speaking). The Delaware Way, eh Nancy? Of course, now that she completed her sleuthing, I see her blog is active once more, must explain the downtime over the past several days.
MOT how you see all of this crap in what I say is a mystery to me. Burris is a big boy and can take it. If he can not then he certainly should not be slinging his shit around the place at others. You of course are a cowardly anony, how big of you.

DT, what a legacy. His repeated BS wears me out to be sure!!!

I have hard copies of much of Delathought and since I am not inclined to believe anything that comes out of his mouth, I will be happy to republish his old blog entries for you if you wish. It is unlikely that there were three writers for DT, there is only one voice.

Just like a GOPer: attack to overstate, misdirect and outright lie....spin this all you want, I don't have the time to rebutt all of the libel directed at me from FSP but he drew this upon himself, IMHO. To say he is wealthy is slander? It is simply the truth.

I suppose I should now have to make the time to go back through and pick out all of the maligning of my character ec...if I only was of the leisure class!!!!

I do have a life out of the virtual world. This week I was voted to the board of a Wilmmington communtity service center, I had several days of meetings with the heritage group, NDHC, actively preserving NCC historic treasures and I gave a day to my government watchdog gig to speak at a DNREC community board (I am on the board of Common Cause and a member of NCCCL among other civic duties that are voluntary and time consuming).

What kind of civic activies do y'all spend time doing?
btw, my link above is a dead end.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
nancy sorry about the link. I'll fix it asap.
Instead of running me and my family down with untruths and false assumptions, why don't you show us all some PROOF of your claims?

You go on and on about being libeled and slandered, but you've never offered any evidence of this. I made a post about your recent trouble with the facts, and I gave 7 specific supporting examples.

Why don't you do the same? Prove to everyone where I was wrong about questioning your claims. You have a blog. Post it.

And while you're at it, prove that MOT Newbie is wrong about you, too.

And BTW, you must have missed this post where Dana puts to rest your 'there was only 1 DT' claim.
no, sorry mistake me for a mudslinger I am a muckraker and there's a gulf of a difference.

I am not slinging at your family and if that is your mantra you know what, tough shit....

I do not feel like playing your game, frankly not worth the time.

you want to go to court or something Then I will find the time to dig up what you have set forth....the sad sad thing, DT is that you have not shown the least abilities of reason, kindness, tolerance or intellegence. You are a one tirck pony and a hell of a bore at that.

what have I ever said about your family exept that they are wealthy duh?????????? duh duh duh,

I never went where I would have gone with it if I were a vulgar ass. Dana has been sending you my private e-mails to him in order to pacify you and play your game.....ouch, horrors, you are up against something that you might as well back away from now, my treasure.

If you get much more annoying then, you will be, gee, same old same old.
oh, by the way, there Dave, if your angst is about the DE GOP and the vengence that is nigh upon you, I'd say 'bout time to change your party if that is what the hell goes on in that circle, no?

I honestly do not get where you are coming from....outer space??
ugh, go ahead and call me a suckee editor.
BTW someone called and theorized tha MOT is the Smyrna Mayo...any truth in that ?? MOT?
one more thing ..lest you mistake my hurried format for something more sinister....Dana has been giving you the CONTENT of my private e-mails to him...let the record show that I, Nancy Willing, spoke in haste and therefore made a correction, I do not know if he sent you the actual e-mails....I do know that he sent you the content of the e-mails....

most of what you have SINGLED out as my verbage has been similarly mispeech and that was corrected ASAP and yet, you zero in on the typos and sleepy misquotes like they are an insidious plot to defame....that is why I have called you unkind, intolerant and lacking in reason etc...

this is the blogosphere, Dave, you take yourself too seriously!!!
I do not feel like playing your game, frankly not worth the time.

So, basically, you're going to call me a libeler and a slanderer and trash my family all about the blogosphere, but you have no evidence of that to give. What exactly does that make you?

you have not shown the least abilities of reason, kindness, tolerance or intellegence.

I believe there are a whole lot of people who would disagree.

this is the blogosphere, Dave, you take yourself too seriously!!!

Being called a trust fund baby when there's no basis in fact, being told that my family has 'born a certain kind of fruit in this state' in a negative sense, and being called a biased liar, a partisan hack, a whiner, a slanderer and a libeler all by the same person when there's no basis for it will cause me to take things seriously.

Seriously, Nancy. Put up or shut up. I'm tired of it. You do all of this and then you have the nerve to expect me to just relax?
Dave you pulled this BS with Dana with the now infamous Protack letter...just stop!!!!!!!!!!
Both of you, WTF?

Is there a more pointless waste of time than being in a blogger pissing match?
Jason, you are right. I am to blame for bringing this subject out again.

Trying to get a last word on a blog is fruitless and, who knows, if I had not continued it here maybe his diatribe on his blog would have been the end of it.

My apologies to you and to Dave.
I decided to satisfy his demands as well and provide him the links he desires.
Nance: Not only are you completely clueless on this and other matters, you can't even put a simple sentence together. Even my GI Joe decoder ring cannot translate your words anymore.

You're fast becoming nothing but a big (unreadable) bore.
Hube you have to buy the GI Jane ring silly
Nancy Willing said...
BTW someone called and theorized tha MOT is the Smyrna Mayo...any truth in that ?? MOT?

Nancy, as much as your rumors and lies (although I think they are being told to you) annoy me, you really got me laughing on this one. Really, a good belly-buster (in other words, I laughed for a while). That was one of the best mis-fired missles I have witnessed. Sharky? Once I disprove that, who will I be tomorrow? Tommy Little? Jud Bennett? Maybe I'm Jason. Now that would be creepy. Of course, if I were, I could have completed that paper on David Crossan and Iraq by now. I know, I know...I am...ready for this??? Terry Strine, Mike Protack, and Priscilla Rakestraw all swirled up into one.

Nancy, you're proving my point! Someone fed you a rumor and you bought it by lobbing it out as an almost-factuality!

For what it's worth, I don't like Schaeffer. I agree with most other sane people in that he stole that election. He is a liability to anyone that is chummy with him politically. How anyone is still aligned with him blows my mind.

Don't worry, if you don't figure it out, you will likely know by years-end. It'll be my Christmas present (or winter solstice/festival-of-lights/Festivus if Christmas isn't your thing). I think you will be disappointed when you know.
MOT NEVER never will I be disappointed in you!!!!!
but am relieved to here it that you are not the shark, goodness,
oops,(hear) this night owl business is not working well for me!!
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