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Friday, August 11, 2006


Around The Horn Friday

Wow. Lots of great calls to Al's show today telling the truth about Castle's record.

Breaking News: The terror alert level in Mike Castle's under pants has offically been raised to "Brown".

What say yous ?

Tommywonk points out that the RNC is pissing its pants with glee over the news from London: "I'd rather be talking about this than all of the other things that Congress hasn't done well," one Republican congressional aide told AFP.

Mike M at Down With Absolutes is making WGMD douche bags look douche-ier everyday. Who does not like cosmic justice? I, for one, love it.

Dave at First State Politics contiues down the road to Democratic victory in November: "...I'd expect Lieberman's numbers to rise." Da 'Nile is not just a river in Da' Bible.

Politikid is the Canadian version of our own Politafetus. (link fixed)

Karmic Jay has an eclectic post up. This is my favorite part: For Republicans who argue that voters may be mad at Congress, but still support their local incumbent, the most recent ABC News/Washington Post poll is a splash of cold water. Music to my ears.

Nancy goes minimalist. No post since wed.

I'm putting Hube on notice. The NJ just called to confirm that I wrote a letter to the editor. If past experience is a guide, my letter should be in next week, and I better win the dopey letter of the week. It is a liberal badge of honor.

Donviti has today's Bushism:"We cannot let terrorism and rogue nations hold this nation hostile or hold our allies hostile." - Des Moines, Iowa; 8/21/2000 I'd just like to point out that Michael Castle think Bush is a great President.

Dana has is interview of my main man, Noam Chomsky, up.


CAUTION: Contains the phrase, "Yipee Kai-aye Mother F*cker!"

I need to have some better posts for Friday in lieu of you around the horn Friday posts...

as always thanks for the nod...have a great week, with any luck some drunk pictures of me in Dewey will surface....
Bring a video camera and you can have the You Tube slot next week.
It's quiet over at DelawareWatch since Dana last shook his cane and yelled at all the kids to get off his lawn. I've lost count of all the feuds. Now it's nothing but confused Republicans and midnight solo drinkers. It's been a while since anything was meaningfully debated over there - comments refuting the main post are going unchallenged. DelawareWatch is gradually evolving into a closed Cohen-esque showcase.
Funny, Anon. I guess that's what happens when you ban everyone (myself for one) who pokes gaping holes in your arguments.
I was banned for being a dick, but now I'm unbanned.

As I've said befor Dana gets it right most of the time. He and I don;t see eye to eye on third party/cross party voting - but that is just strategy stuff.

On the deeper stuff we have nearly everything in common.
I had pc emergency!!!
Lot's to enter, Cheney is going ballistic and the Brits bust was too well timed not to be noeconian!!
Who did not know two minutes after this was announced that, even if the arrests were real, it was being managed as a PR ploy.
You'd swear Oliver Stone was a commenter on your blog these days. Holy crap, everything is a freaking GOP conspiracy.
Yes, mot, now you have it.

It's a government conspiracy to boost Oliver Stone's box office for his 9/11 movie.
It is not a conspiracy if you do it in plain view and everyone knows about it.
Actually, and due apologies to FSP and those remembered in the 9/11 movie, the Oliver Stone comment wasn't meant to reference his latest release. That aside, I was thinking completely of his amazing conspiracy theories from his "insightful" past.

Jason, the conspiracy has much more to do with the 'wagging the dog' claims being made about the terror bust. I absolutely stand behind what FSP said elsewhere, (we are) so sorry that people didn't die just to settle your suspicions. That's what I mean. It's all one big freaking conspiracy for you - every person that is a registered R is guilt by association, eh? You want to see a nasty example of a jacka$$ using labels and guilt-by-association? Go to Mike M's blog about Elizabeth Crossan and read the comments. Crappy comments all because her and Dave are R's.

Damn right I am angry. All this stereotyping label bullshit. Anyone that thinks they know me only because of what is printed on my registration card, you don't know $h*t.
Why isn't David Crossan in Iraq?

It is a perfectly valid question. He is a big gung-ho supporter of Bush, Castle and his war. I know his wife is sick and that is sad - but guys like Crossan owe the rest of us an apology.
You topic-of-the-day elitist! You continue to feed my theory that you are nothing more than a forefront political bigot! Here's my test: on my registration card, I am an 'R.' Based on your general comments, you automatically claim that I, my children, other relatives should be in Iraq because I am an 'R' and therefore support Bush, war, etc.


Well, I am an 'R,' but I am not shy about supporting 'D', 'L,' 'G,' 'I,' etc provided that candidate has the right platform to take into office and makes me believe that he/she can make the government better for all. I do NOT support the war in Iraq at all. With Afghanastan, we had a purpose. It all got f'ed up when we turned to Iraq. The reasons, the planning, right now, it is all wrong to be there. Surprised? Likely doesn't matter, I'm an 'R.' How the hell do you PERSONALLY know what Dave Crossan thinks? Did you ask him or did you just connect the dots since he works for the state GOP?

Here's a challenge: post a blog entry as to why you personally think David Crossan belongs in Iraq. Seriously. Make specific points that addresses Dave specifically and the reasons why DAVE belongs there. Forget the "because he is a republican and therefore..." I want to know why David Crossan belongs there. I'd love to hear what investigative research you have compiled that would support sending Dave Crossan to Iraq. Don't forget to cite your sources...I mean source, too.

Take this as however you will. I'm being a prick because you made the correlation and claim and I'm trying to compel you to back it up. Good luck.
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