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Friday, August 04, 2006


Around the Horn Friday

For your weekend listening pleasure, I give you the new Delawareliberal theme song "Die Hard". But first, the news:

Dave at First State Politics has been doing some good blogging. See the Clinton/Reid story - but skip the homage to Hewitt which from the "any one who disagrees with President Bush is a traitor" school of thought.

Karmic Jay covers the late night snark beat and this week we get a bonus pic of a cat with a lime peel on its head. The money quote: "Miami's Hispanic population took to the streets last night to celebrate Fidel Castro temporarily stepping down from power. Way to go America! Our plan to slowly deteriorate his health over the course of 50 years is working." - Colbert

Kilroy patches things up with Sokola. "Senator Dave Sokola will be at, Dunkin Donuts Polly Drummond Shopping Center, this Saturday, August 5, 2006 , 9:00am -11:00am Kilroy will be there drinking coffee and chewing the fat with Dave." If I go, I'll chew donuts, thank you very much.

Hube welcomes Nancy Willing's blog, The Delaware Way to the sandbox. (Nancy - What am I, chopped liver? I don't get a head's up? )

Donviti does not like my main man EJ Dionne - but gives some props to this: "Political movements lose power when they lose their self-confidence and sense of mission. Liberalism went into a long decline after 1968 when liberals clawed at each other more than they battled conservatives -- and when they began to wonder whether their project was worth salvaging.

Between now and November, conservative leaders will dutifully try to rally the troops to stave off a Democratic victory. But their hearts won't be in the fight. The decline of conservatism leaves a vacuum in American politics. An unhappy electorate is waiting to see who will fill it."

In Dana's audio post about Walsh, he says "on the Democratic side we now have..." "we" I heard it. Maybe a slip of the tongue, maybe not. Anyway, he still loves Ferris.

It is now safe to return to Mahaffie's blog. The vacation slide show is over. (Mike - I kid, because I love.)

Tommywonk, the best DE blogger never mentioned in the NJ, reports on Delay. "Republicans have claimed the Democrats want to keep DeLay on the ballot to use his legal troubles in Texas over campaign fund-raising and links to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff to improve Democratic chances in the November election." You think?"

It has been a big week for Mike M at Down With Absolutes. He is listening to some Clay Aiken to chilll and come down from the MSM high.

For the rest of you...the theme song. Dig it.

CAUTION: Contains the phrase, "Yipee Kai-aye Mother F*cker!"

Tommywonk, the best DE blogger never mentioned in the NJ

Agreed, even though I disagree with 90% of what he says.
"The best DE blogger never mentioned in the NJ."

I am so flattered -- on several levels.

On the other hand, maybe I should think about hiring a new publicist.
ouch Jase!
I mentioned my new blog in one coment (over on DE Watch I think) and got a flurry of feedback.....from the right.

That kept me hoppin'.

So, my bad for not tracking it over fact with all of the conservative lovin' goin' on I felt a little slighted by the liberal side's silence!!!

I see that you felt something of the same, some kind of neglect.....could this be a liberal trait? naaawwww!

Thanks for the mention.
I have tons to figure out before I can pull off your slick-styled imagery. No one does the visual like you....there feel better!!!
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