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Friday, August 04, 2006


Anybody remember this flag?

It was the flag our dumbass President tried to stuff down the Iraqis throats back in 2004. The Iraqi's did not like it.

They liked the flag they had for 40 years prior to Saddam. This new flag, dreamed up in Washington by someone with about as much knowledge of Iraq as Ryan at Jokers to the Right, and unfurled even before a parliament had been formed or a constitution ratified, consists of a pale blue crescent on a white field and has three stripes at the bottom -- blue, yellow, and blue. It looked a lot like the flag of Israel to the recently "liberated" Iraqis. The new flag was a dumb idea. Like the war itself, it was not a great concept to begin with and was not given a heck of a lot of serious thought.

Michael Castle STILL supports the dumb idea embodied by this flag and the dumbasses who came up with it.

I have to agree that's a pretty dumb flag, especially without any Allah Green.

Besides, red white and black are the coolest flag colors for evil dictatorships.
You forgot to say what dumb dumbasses all Republicans are.

Wildly insightful.
I can't get over you guys. Thinking you make any bit of sense.

Maybe these guys are part of the 28% of Delawareans who think Bush is doing a good job. Have you considered that?
This particular flag was not "dreamed up in Washington" as you claim, but was designed by an Iraqi artist living in London, named Rifat Chadirji whose brother Nassir al-Chaderchi was the chairman of the IGC (Iraqi Governing Council) committee charged with choosing a new flag for Iraq.

I posted this information here Friday, but somehow it vanished.

That's what I call an inconvenient truth.
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