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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Anonymous said...

Read this:

It will make you sick at how much Carper is supporting Leiberman - and how Leiberman is undermining the Dem's chances of taking back the Senate. Carper must like being in the minority.

Call Carper's office, and (nicely) ask that Carper endorse Lamont. Even if he doesn't stop, he needs to know that real Dems are watching.
(DE) (302)573-6291


Carper has yet to comment directly - but if he supports Lieberman and the argument that Lieberman should retain his seniority in the Senate, I'm ready to vote for Jan Ting. Beyond that, I'm ready to push the idea that Democrats should vote for Ting in protest over Carper's brazen back stabbing.

We're ready for you to do that as well.

Warmest personal regards,

The G.O.P.
Bad news, Jase: Lieberman 53%, Lamont 41%. Link.
Jeez, don't Delaware Republicans even have the courtesy of fronting a Green candidate us Dems could cast a protest vote for? How thoughtless.
That was my fault. I was supposed to dig up vote-splitters, but I lost track of time counting money and cleaning my monocle.


Mr. Monopoly
Hube -

Diner at Washignton St Ale House says Lamont out polls Lieberman.

Dear Green Party -

Carper is going to win by 30 even after the mightly delawareliberal endorsement goes to Ting. So please ignore anon 11:38.

Dinner... you get the idea.

that'll teach him!
Jase: You're on. :-)
A new poll from Quinnipiac College Lieberman leads Lamont 53% to 41% among likely voters, . Here's the partisan breakdown, again among likely voters:
-Republicans: Lieberman 75%, Lamont 13%, Schlesinger 10%

-Independents: Lieberman 58%, Lamont 36%, Schlesinger 3%

-Democrats: Lamont 63%, Lieberman 35%, Schlesinger a big fat goose egg
Anon, (re: 11:38)

What, wasn't Frank Infante good enough? I'm sure he siphoned dozens of votes away from Bill Lee!
That Q poll is garbage. I still think that the R's replace that tomatoe can Schlesinger.
That Q poll is garbage

I hope your right, since according to this poll, Lamont gets more Republican votes (today) than the Republican Candidate.
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