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Saturday, July 01, 2006


What does this DiPinto resignation mean?

...other than "this is why Democrats have to challenge every seat because people retire and die and stuff..." what does it mean.

DOVER -- House Republicans face a tall task following November’s elections, now that two of its top financial stewards have decided to retire.

The latest to bow out is Rep. Joe DiPinto, R-Wilmington West, who waited until deep into the night on the General Assembly’s final day to say he would not seek re-election. A veteran lawmaker, DiPinto has been a co-chairman since 1999 of the Joint Finance Committee, which pulls together the annual state budget bill.
- Patrick Jackson

Dipinto's district should be Democratic. It polled 61% for Kerry, but Hay lost to Dipinto 42% to 58% last time out. What is up with this? First Roy, now DiPinto? Something is afoot.

Big heads are rolling...
DiPinto was one of the good ones. My sources tell me he has something lined up that he wants to do, so that's why he's leaving. And I agree that the numbers line up pretty good for your side in that particular district.

Jason -- I'll see (hear?) you on Wednesday. Now that we're brothers-in-radio, can you add me to your blogroll? Looking forward to it.

Could it have been pressure about the Wilmington casino??

Jack Jurden's editorial cartoon cooincides with this announcement and Jack is a GOPerhead....a lovely one at that.
Joe DiPinto; Statesman,
Scholar and consumate Gentleman.

Well, when you need to rotate out and do something fresh, you should do so.

Joe has been almost 20 years in the GA and life marches on. Go, my friend, do something different. Don't look behind you.

Never let it be said that you didn't go out at the top of your game. We should all aspire to do the same.
Uncle - Hope you enjoy the basement come November
Joe DiPinto had no opponent, so he wasn't forced out. He left on his own terms.
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