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Thursday, July 13, 2006


St. Ferris - The patron St. of people with very short memories

I find it hilarious that Republicans are huffing and puffing about experience and ability when it comes to St. Ferris vs. Beau Biden.

Where were all these pure hearted folks when George Bush was running against the much better candidate in Al Gore? Where were all these ticket splitters after Bush's cleary disasterous first term and they could have voted for the clearly more capable man in John Kerry.

The fact is the ONLY REASON for voting for Bush EACH TIME was party affilitation. But now, all of a sudden, they are inerested in qualifications. Sorry I'm not buying it.

And by the way, I'm not interested in hearing the "Kerry shot himself" and the "Gore invented the internet" nonsense. I think all rational people can all agree that both Kerry and Gore would have been much better presidents.

Daffy Duck would be better that the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Also, Ferris Bueller looks an awful lot like Eb Dawson, the ranch hand on Green Acres. Maybe we should start to photoshop him with Arnold Ziffel the pig, that sort of thing, and then make thousands of copies and start putting them up, randomly, throughout the state? Of course, nothing complimentary.
I've got a classic TV theme going.
You know, image is everything and people respond more to what they see than ads that they hear or things that they read. And when you get right down to it, not a whole lot of people read anything of substance anymore. So I think it's possible that a bunch of enterprising people could derail a candidates run for office. I also think Ferris is ripe for that. I mean, come on, Ferris? You've got to be kidding me! Just think of the fun you could have with his name! And that photo is probably one of his better ones. Remember when Saxby Chambliss ran against Max Cleland for Senate in Georgia in 2002? One of the things that put him over the top was his ad that put Max on one side of the screen and Osama on the other. How about this picture of Ferris on one side and, I don't know. What do you think about Big Bird? Or Howard Stern? Or just about anything else. Humiliation can be a really good thing.
Regarding this picture, I love the back lighting and ethereal glow that says, "I had my picture taken at the Sears portrait studio".

As for the other stuff, Beau Biden does not need my help.
LOL. You guys are really just going bonkers that this guy is going to be Atty General!

I was a Biden supporter until Wharton jumped in. I just can't see Beau doing a better job. Sorry, Beau, you just can't one-up this guy on anything, except Stepford candidate good looks.

But still, the way you all are blowing gaskets and going kindergarten on Ferris's ass just makes me realize now that they are probably shittin' cinder blocks over at the Biden family castle. To think this dorky guy from nowhere, with a dorky name to boot, is derailing years and decades of scheming and dreaming! It really warms the heart of a (real) working Joe here!
See jason, you seem to have forgotten the rules. Democrats are supposed to agonize over the "best man for the job" while Republicans steamroll to victory with straight-ticket votes at every level from school board to POTUS.

Only REPUBLICANS are allowed to vote the ticket. Democrats, however, are supposed to SPLIT their ticket and provide the margin of victory for Republicans.
...add in some Green Party fops who think that they are too pure to sully themselves with a practical vote and you have GOP style government from now until doomsday.
Hard working (republican troll) Joe, you mean, right?

See, you gotta be a troll because that's what you repuglicans all revert to, the "I-used-to-be-a-fill-in-the-blank-democratic-supporter-until" argument. To us, it's really simple. Repuglicans are slime, whether they're running for the the White House or the local dog catcher.

Your ilk want only one thing, a theocracy where white males are in charge of everything and where fear and dominance are the rule of law. And having a thug like that in the role of Attorney General is a frightening thought for most people who have a brain.

Unlike you, of course.
It really warms the heart of a (real) working Joe here!

Some working Joe .. keep working while your interests get worked over by the GOP.
Your ilk want only one thing, a theocracy where white males are in charge of everything

They'll take white females in a pinch, though.
I love how my comment only tweaked you all to the point that your convulsions have become spasmodic and vicious. It's like watching roaches scurry with a big burst of RAID!

Yes, you got us all figured out here white male Nazis that make up the entire Republican party.

The GOP doesn't need to steal elections, you guys give them away!
actually, there are more Republican women holding office in delaware than Democrat women.

darn those pesky facts.
Jason, the short answer is America doesn't trust you (the Dems) with national defense.

and ejecting Lieberman isn't going help.
Great site loved it alot, will come back and visit again.
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