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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Spivack Campaign News & Two Great Pro-Spivack Letters in Today's NJ

UPDATE: Spivack connecting with Delaware voters and it shows in his bank account

The Spivack campaign just reported a great fundraising quarter.

NEWARK, Del. – Democratic Congressional candidate Dennis Spivack has filed his quarterly campaign report, and support for Spivack seems to be multiplying as the campaign heads into high gear.

Spivack’s latest report shows that he raised over $112,000 this quarter – more than eleven times what he had raised previously. Spivack acknowledged the growing support he is getting up and down the state and was appreciative that some of it was financial. (snip)

“In my travels throughout Delaware I have been told countless times that people are tired of the status quo,” said Spivack. “They don’t want a rubber stamp in Washington anymore. They want a true representative, and that’s why we are seeing all this support.”

NJ Letters:

Spivack will bring about changes that Castle can't

Like it or not, the political campaign season has started. Congressman Michael Castle has rolled out his usual script of being a moderate. His supporters will crow about his experience, leadership and independence.

Castle was sent to Washington in 1992. Since then, energy prices have increased, wages remain stagnant, health care is in crisis, and the federal budget deficit is out of control. The only leadership Castle has shown is how to vote Republican.

Dennis Spivack can bring about change. He is a Navy veteran, a lawyer and a leader. He will restore the checks and balances inherent to our system.

It is time for change. Delawareans should support Spivack for Congress.

Richard A. Thompson Jr., Democratic chairman, 33rd Representative District, Frederica

It's time to replace Castle with Democrat in Congress

Rep. Michael Castle recently voted with his callous conservative Republican colleagues to stay the course in Iraq. They have no plan except to stay and pay the price of more death, destruction, corruption and a lot more money.

Castle consistently supports the Bush administration's failed war policies. He voted for tax cuts for the wealthiest 1 percent, to cut benefits for the poorest 25 percent. The Republican Party's comments would lead you to believe that the owners of Wal-Mart and DuPont are only days away from poverty and need full relief from estate taxes.

Castle supports a Medicare drug plan that rewards insurance companies, but leaves beneficiaries with a midyear hole in coverage. Castle claims to be a moderate, but the truth is that the Republican party is composed of extremists who do not share the values of the citizens of Delaware.

Castle has no influence in Congress. While corrupt colleagues dole out billions on wasteful projects, Castle cannot get sand for Bethany Beach and South Bethany.

It's time to cut out Castle and run with Dennis Spivack, a Democrat.

It's time for Congress to examine the gross mismanagement of the Iraq war, and the foolish mismanagement of our domestic agenda.

Dennis P. Cleary, Bethany Beach

Dennis Cleary does not like other people's pork.
Castle won't have my vote thats for sure.
Thank God Dennis Cleary is not a blogger. I could take apart that letter in no time.

Also, it's nice to see the amount of money raised from outside sources beginning to pass the amount of money raised from Spivack himself.
Just be sure to check your facts (or at least get some in the first place...) The marginal tax break to 'the wealthiest 1%, but those tax breaks have resulted in INCREASED tax revenues this year, outpacing even the CBOs estimates for both federal and state coffers. Since those cuts, tax revenues at the federal level have increased from 1.85 T USD in 2004 to an estimated 2.4 T USD in 2006...
The revenue increase is from people getting out of real estate.

Hip hip hooray!

Althoug I'm not surprised that conservatives are all over this headline. What other good news do they have...? Spending cuts...nope. The war...?
The revenue increase is from people getting out of real estate.

Please, bring this quote with you to the show today.
Consider it brought.
I was waiting for the real estate quote, man.
BTW - revenue from personal income tax is down when you adjust for inflation. I did not get a chance to get that in.
Show me a link on that.
The Laffer curve does not work on a lag. The biggest Bush tax cuts came in 2001. Tax revenue dropped. The tax revenues have yet to surpass the level they were at before the first round of tax cuts. The increase over last year is being driven solely by GDP growth, which is driven by interest rates.
After reading the Dean appearance post, I wanted to contact the Spivak campaign team to volunteer,slight typo got me to

only meant to be humorous
Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.
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