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Friday, July 14, 2006


Most Americans plan to vote for Democrats

...that is a the Yahoo news headline, not mine.

WASHINGTON (AP)- Republicans are in jeopardy of losing their grip on Congress in November. With less than four months to the midterm elections, the latest Associated Press-Ipsos poll found that Americans by an almost 3-to-1 margin hold the GOP-controlled Congress in low regard and profess a desire to see Democrats wrest control after a dozen years of Republican rule.

Further complicating the GOP outlook to turn things around is a solid percentage of liberals, moderates and even conservatives who say they'll vote Democratic. The party out of power also holds the edge among persuadable voters, a prospect that doesn't bode well for the Republicans.

I'm outta here for real this time. Have a good weekend. Peace out !

Please answer Jason: Is it better to vote for a crooked, conservative Democrat than a honest, progressive Republican?"
Congratulations Jason! you now have your very own troll!

(one who is not bright enough to read your post and realize that you have left for the weekend, so he wont be getting an answer to his question any time soon)
I'm thrilled that my question can greet his safe return.
"If I had one word to describe my sister, it would be "evil.'"

- Tom Troia, brother of Kathleen Troia McFarland, who is running against Hillary Clinton for NY-Senate. (link)
Dana, do you know the words to "Kumbaya"? Do you think you can sing it on your next radio show?

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