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Thursday, July 13, 2006


More Impotent Musings From Castle

The terrorist attacks on Indian commuter trains Tuesday have prompted renewed congressional calls for beefing up rail security in the United States.

Rep. Michael Castle. R-Del., said today the attacks are "yet another wake-up call for our own rail security system, which unfortunately remains extremely vulnerable to similar attacks."

Well, Duh. Thanks for that brilliant insight Congressman Clueless. Maybe you don't read the Homeland Security Reports reports that pass over you desk, but it is your party that thinks we need to protect "The Amish Country Popcorn factory".

UPDATE: As if on cue, Castle turned up on Al's WDEL radio show this morning crowing about what a great moderate he is. My favorite moment in the charade was when he dropped the act for a second and bragged that he spoke to Karl Rove "occasionally". What a fraud.

I like the Castle picure. It must have been taken just after Delay told him how he was going to vote on the budget back in January.
Indeed. Maybe Castle should check his own party's record on where the homeland security funding dollars are going.
And no this not from someone who drives to work everyday. I take public transit including commuter rail and Amtrak.
It's a bit silly to question Castle's commitment to rail security -- he rides the freakin' train, for crying out loud!
I'm not questioning the fact that he is concerned - I'm mocking the fact that his concern is irrelevent to what BushCo is going to do about it.
It's a bit silly to question Castle's commitment to rail security -- he rides the freakin' train, for crying out loud!

So do I and I do that everyday. And as Jason said his concern is either not relevant or the admin knows they have his vote regardless.
H.R. 810 (stem cells) scheduled for Senate debate Monday and vote Tuesday. Mike Castle, get off the radio and go start twisting arms!!

SENATOR: Oh hi, Mike.

CASTLE: Vote Yes or I'll twist your arm again!!

SENATOR: Twist my arm? I thought you were shaking my hand!!

I have just one question for you Mike Castle: If you lose the stem-cell thing in the Senate, are you going to inflict some payback from your position as a swing vote in the House? Maybe let the Senate leadership know that your vote won't be taken for granted anymore?
I know people use LoL to mean that they laughed out loud, but I have to tell you, when I got to that last sentence - I Laughed out loud.
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