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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


More evidence of the need to vote the straight Democratic ticket this fall

I don't care is Ferris Wharton pulled you out of a burning building and Michael Castle paid for you to go to college. The radical right-wing of the Republican party has replaced the Constitution with a King.

Only myopic dupes like {>DANA GARRETT could continue to support a party that is so brazen in its contempt for the people and democratic traditions of this country.

Justice Department Lawyer To Congress: ‘The President Is Always Right’

Huh? Come again?
How in God's name does electing Ferris Wharton promote the right-wing agenda in Washington??
I "third" the above sentiments. You've made some stretches to make points before, but this may take the cake!
I'm glad you aksed.

Republican state AGs are causing mischief all over the nation, and ALL of them ran on promises to be above politics. Make no mistake, the RNC has a plan to use AG positions to shape state policies and as a springboard to further elected office.

This is just a sample:

Republican AG subpoenas abortion records (Kansas) 2005Mar19.html

Republican AG appeals a court ruling against parental notification, in opposition to his governor (New Hampshire) 45466.htm

Republican AG files legal attack on lawyers who challenged Ohio election results 1102

Republican AG exposes corporate whistle-blower 1..._meddled_.shtml

Republican AG declares governor's order banning anti-gay discrimination "unconstitutional" (Virgina) wp...6022402003.html

Oh and then there's RAGA: "$5,000 Buys Companies Access to GOP Attorneys General" aid=519

RAGA = Republican AG Association (Jane Brady - past Vice Chair and RAGA money recipient). The Houghton campaign called out RAGA in 2002: vi...rady_secret.htm wonders about RAGA too: 2002_...e.html#85527222

for the modern GOP it is all about raw power. I don't think you guys get that part.
Our current AG ignored the fact that Chris Coons violated NCC code with the Cephas kerfuffle by saying he violated no state law.

springboard to further elected office.

Hmmmm, where have I heard that phrase before?

You're trying, which is admirable, but you're wrong.
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The things you piece together in this post are incongruous. You don't like Wharton. OK. Post about that. You don't like the radical-right. OK. Post about that. You don't like Mike Castle. OK Post about that. You don't want your life saved from a burning fire by Wharton. OK. Post about that. You don't like the clearly idiotic comment made by the Justice Department lawyer. OK. Post about that. You think Dana Garrett is a "myopic dupe." OK. Post about that.

However, linking all of that together in one post and then attempting to make some grand, sweeping statement about who the hell knows what...well, I think it's funny.
...also what does even being a Republican in the age of Bush say about his charachter?
...Zell Miller.
...Robert Byrd.
...Joe Lieberman.

All Democrats for whom I would never be interested in voting.

Jason, you're worried too much about labels. Republicans and Democrat labels are worthless to me. I lean liberal, so I will vote for those candidates who are closely aligned to my own. Democrat and Republican do not respectively equal liberal and conservative.

You're loyal to a fault when it comes to the Democratic party, dontcha think?
I get the general idea. To vote for the GOP at the local level is simply enabling their agenda which these days is about mostly power at all costs.

I don't care much if the local GOP candidates are moderate, when it comes to critiquing this terribly incompetent bunch in Washington, they are like shrinking violets.
Nope. Not these days. Did you read the story that the post links to?

Mike - if you "lean liberal" there are people in the Republican party that want you dead. Sounds crazy, I know, but it is true. They seem to hate America. I doubt Wharton is one of them, but he is running to become a cog in that machine.

I missed your linking all of that together comment.

It all fits together for me. Otherwise I'd probably be playing golf right now.

Your hyperbole is laughable. Again, you keep using the term "Republican." I could care LESS about Republicans. It's the hard-core conservatives I'm not too fond of. Simple as that. I could care less if anyone "wants me dead." I laughed when Ken Lay died. Who cares? Bottom line: I trust Wharton more in the NON-political position of Attorney General than I do Beau Biden. It is my opinion that the AG race should be non-partisan, meaning that candidates shouldn't align themselves with a party.

Poor guy. Maybe you've been asleep for the past few years. There is no such thing as a "NON-political position" these days.

Bush and Rove have taken the "non-partisan" option out of poltics. I wish for a return to the old days too, however, I have to live in reality.

I'm voting the straight ticket.
And you're the one cozying up to Clear Channel...
What does being a Republican who OPPOSES Bush say about character, Jason? I guess it all comes down to one ideology, one man, and your one track mind. I have to validate what a few above people are way below the chum bucket to be so sweepingly shallow. Honestly I would fear living in a world socialized to your ways, bud. You would have us all goose-stepping to your Democratic Party.

It takes more balls and character to be an opponent of your own party and work for its reform than it does to be a bleating rubber stamp for all things about your own. The Democratic party has PLENTY of ooze and trash going for it. So why not fix your own tent before shooting at the neighbor's?

You are no better than the Ryan's of the world, just a different stripe of socialist.
What does being a Republican who OPPOSES Bush say about character,

If you are talking about yourself - we can talk. If you are talking about Ferris, let me see it.
P.S. As I know it 'liberal' means open-minded, not leftist, which is why I get along with liberal-minded (political) 'liberals' as well as liberal-minded conservatives.

You really do a disservice to political liberals who have higher motivations than your type of smarmy, rank partisanship and blustering, blistering diatribes against your 'enemies'. You make Richard Nixon look like someone who thought everyone was his friend. Your 'enemies lists' are endless.

Delaware'Liberal' my ass. FALSE ADVERTISING.
I love it when conservatives get mad because liberals decide to give them a taste of there own medicine.

Look. Bush has declared war on liberals like me. I don't intend to fight it with one hand behind my back (like idiot Dana) becuase I'm so pure that I have to see everything from everyone else point of view.

To hell with that strategy. It gave us Bush.
vote the straight party ticket, even if it gives us an AG with less experiance than the interns at the Justice Department.
"Look. Bush has declared war on liberals like me."

Hounded from his home by the Republican Secret Police, our hero jason continues to blog from caves. Lying low, hiding during daylight, moving only at night, his is a world of constant danger! Always worried, will his next contact be a double agent or a true believer? It's so hard to tell, even libertarians drink latte' now...

tune in next week for another installment of "Liberal Underground"
Well that just a Crossonian lie, but if it makes you feel better...okay.
Happycon please comment (in your hilarious style) on the Republican calls to have 5 members SCOTUS murdered.
"a blogger" does not equal "Republican calls"


"the Republican calls to have 5 members SCOTUS murdered." Equalls "Bush has declared war on liberals like me."
I was as close to disappointed as I can get today when I didn't hear you make one of your superman-Ferris comments on the radio today. I guess that is blog-fodder only? Quick disclaimer: if you said it earlier in the show, then I missed it. Something about work getting in the way. Damned priorities!!!

You answered my question already about the straight-ticket approach and I promised I would respect it, because it is your opinion, but I have to admit, I despise it. You're sounding like you're voting on a grudge and no knowledge, seriously. Don't misunderstand me, I am not challenging your knowledge nor your intelligence, but I am challenging your motives. If you were to base your argument on what your candidate will do (like you do with Spivak), then fine, I don't have a problem with your opinion. I don't agree with you, but that's what this is all about, having that choice. If you are basing your opinion on your opponent's candidate is pure evil because of a label and guilt-by-association and it has NOTHING to do with his experience or ability to handle the role, well, then, you lost that respect. I have a better idea, go into the voting booth, make sure you block out the GOP column to avoid mistakes, then blindfold yourself and go eenie-meenie-minie-moe. How is that seriously any different than the justification you have given here?

Hey, Karen Hartley-Nagle. What about her? She's a "D," yet you despise her just for getting in the game. If hell freezes over and she gets the signatures to forgo the fee and then another freeze-over wins her the primary, based on your argument, she becomes your candidate and gets your vote. Nothing else will matter other than that 'D.' On my side, we have Protack. He does not have my vote, but I support him taking it to the primary, because it is his right to do so. If hell does its freeze-over and he wins the primary...nope, no vote from me in the general. Why? Because I weigh what I think are factors in the person holding (or will be holding) the office.

Hey, man, what you choose to do when voting is fully your right and I ultimately do support that; however, my opinion is that a grudge-vote or a loyalty vote is on the same exact level as the eenie-meenie-miney-moe approach.

By the way, I spelled "miney" two different ways here...what it the correct spelling!?!?

Maybe we can all watch Brewster's Millions and vote for "None of the Above"
"I was no party man myself, and the first wish of my heart was, if parties did exist, to reconcile them."
-George Washington.

"There is nothing which I dread so much as the division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under it's leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our constitution."
-John Adams

These old guys seemed to disagree with your rather absolutist stance.

Political parties are like shifting sands on the bedrock of our constitution.

Don't equate patriotism with party. It makes you sound small.
I was as close to disappointed as I can get today when I didn't hear you make one of your superman-Ferris comments on the radio today. I guess that is blog-fodder only?

Thanks for listening. I'm pacing myself. I don't want to get kicked off the show too far out from the election.

Hey, Karen Hartley-Nagle. What about her? She's a "D," yet you despise her just for getting in the game.

Not true. If you search by the word "Karen" you will find that I welcomed the primary. What I don't welcome are people like KHN and Lieberman trying to have it both ways by running in a primary and then again in the general under some other party.
I was as close to disappointed as I can get today when I didn't hear you make one of your superman-Ferris comments on the radio today. I guess that is blog-fodder only?

He was tongue-tied by my wisdom and eloquence. ;)
Regards to Puzzler and Newbie for excellent commentary, way above average and extra thoughtful. Very nicely done.
Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique.
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