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Thursday, July 06, 2006


Michael Castle was complicit in the Dobrich intimidation

Living in a State that has basically said it is okay to hate Jewish people and drive them away from your towns and schools through intimidation is bad enough, but to have that level of hate and stupidity sanctioned and supported by your elected officials is just sickening.

While at least one state legislator spoke in "support of prayer" and warned board members that "the people" would replace them if they "faltered" on the issue, thereby actively driving the Dobriches out of Sussex County, we also have Michael Newbold Castle and his inaction. Mr. Castle who is the leader of Delaware Republicans was complicit in the Dobrich intimidation through his silence.

For simple political advantage Mr. Castle and his party have nurtured this oxymoronic Christian hate. They have nursed the haters and emboldened them to their anti-American sectarianism. As Karmic Jay has stated,

There is also a larger issue here, that of some people thinking that the religious conservatives on the right are merely concerned about abortion. The Christian rightwing is not just interested in taking away the right to choose from women, they also want a nation based on biblical laws.

Where does Castle come off supporting a person like George Bush for President, and people like Roberts and Alito for the Supreme Court then washing his hands of the hateful and twisted fruit that falls from that tree? Where was Michael Castle when Sussex County Republicans, who are so openly contemptuous of traditional American values of religious toleration and diversity were being courted? Where is the accountability for Castle's lack of leadership within his party and within the State of Delaware ?

You're reaching again.
I was going to say "Some may say that is is reaching, but..."

Seriously. My biggest problem with moderate Republicans is that they have sold the soul of the party to crazies for short term electoral gains. In so doing they have let slip the Christian dogs of war and those dogs HATE the Constitution.
"Reaching" is indeed correct. Let's see ... how many other things has Castle (or any politician) not specifically addressed that "makes them 'complicit'"?

So Hube, if not from the silence of Michael Newbold Castle, where did those SC Republicans get the idea that it would be okay to drive out the jews?
Republicans have no problem blaming mainstream Dems for the worst excesses of the far left. So Republicans have no business complaining when the tables are turned.

Let's not forget the Republican campaign playbook is to paint all Democrats as godless socialist libertines who hate America. There is a hell of a lot more basis for Dems to label Republicans as bigoted theocrats.

As far as Castle's complicity is concerned, the Republicans have ONLY been able to win and maintain their majority by catering to the worst elements of the right wing and including them in their coalition. So yeah, Castle is complicit. Castle is silent on way too many excesses of the Bush administration. I have still heard nothing from Castle on privacy and warrantless searches, so I assume he is on board with the trashing of the Fourth Amendment. And that's just one example..
So Hube, if not from the silence of Michael Newbold Castle, where did those SC Republicans get the idea that it would be okay to drive out the jews?

In a word: HUH???
Also, what's up with the full name treatment? It's like you're his mother and you're scolding him.
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