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Sunday, July 09, 2006


Mexican Election Was Stolen - SHOCKING!

Corporatist steals election through rigged computers.

MEXICO CITY, July 8 -- Downtown Mexico City swelled Saturday with the accumulated frustration and rage of the poor, who were stoked into a sign-waving, fist-pumping frenzy by new fraud allegations that failed populist candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador hopes will overturn the results of Mexico's presidential election.

López Obrador ignited the smoldering emotions of his followers Saturday morning, alleging for the first time that Mexico's electoral commission had rigged its computers before the July 2 election to ensure the half-percentage-point victory of Felipe Calderón, a champion of free trade. In a news conference before the rally, López Obrador called Calderón "an employee" of Mexico's powerful upper classes and said a victory by his conservative opponent would be "morally impossible."

López Obrador added a new layer of complexity to the crisis by saying he not only would challenge the results in the country's special elections court but also would attempt to have the election declared illegal by Mexico's Supreme Court.That strategy presages a constitutional confrontation because according to many legal experts the special elections court is the only body that can hear election challenges.

López Obrador's approach pairs legal maneuvers with mass public pressure. On Saturday, he gave a mega-display of street power, drawing an estimated 280,000 people into the city center on a humid, drizzly afternoon, according to a Mexico City government estimate.

The crowd chanted, "Strong, strong!" when López Obrador stepped to the microphone. The former Mexico City mayor then declared that the electoral commission had "played with the hopes" of millions of Mexicans by allegedly rigging the vote total. Thousands chanted back: "You are not alone!"

"This is, and will continue to be, a peaceful movement," he said. Seconds later, he announced another mass rally, this one for July 16, at which the crowd raucously yelled back: "What time?"

Is there any evidence of your claim?

The headline reads "alleges." Your yellow journalism and transparently jingoistic interpretation is ridiculously hilarious and kind of dumb.
... to say the least.
Bush had advisers down there to halp the conservative "cause" is it any wonder that the leftist missed it by some 300,000 votes....close enough to our 2004 miss.
Your yellow journalism and transparently jingoistic interpretation is ridiculously hilarious and kind of dumb.

Mike M

I admit that I tweaked the Washinton post's headline. Mine comes closer to the truth.

You don't find the margin of victory somewhat odd?
Jason - Sometimes elections are close. Weren't the polls giving Calderon a slight edge on the eve of the election?

We might not know for a long time if this was rigged (if ever) - which is distressing. I just hope to hell WE can have a presidential election that doesn't have a cloud over it.
The election monitors from the EU said this was the fairest election in Mexican history. Rest assured the EU is no friend of Calderon specifically or conservatives generally.
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