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Monday, July 03, 2006


Lieberman to Run as Independent If (sic) He Loses Democratic Primary

July 3 (Bloomberg) -- Senator Joe Lieberman, a Connecticut Democrat facing a challenge in his party's Senate primary, said he will run for re-election without party affiliation if he loses that contest.

Will Joe Biden support the Democratic nominee or will he support his buddy Joe Lieberman? Someone shoiuld try to get him on the record. Lieberman has no business running as a Democrat so good riddance and well done liberal blogosphere:

The netroots, combined with the great campaign by Ned Lamont and the incredibly inept cluelessness of the Lieberman campaign, has led to Joe Lieberman declaring that he doesn't really give a shit if he's a Democrat or not, that he doesn't respect the party he's a member of, and that he's more important than the wishes of the Democratic voters of Connecticut. - Eschaton

UPDATE:Kos reports that Hillary Clinton believes that it's important to respect the will of Connecticut voters and that she will commit to support the Democratic candidate -- whoever that is -- in November. No word from Biden yet.

I'm surprised this post did not get the rightwingers foaming about how intolerant the Democrats are. I was kind of looking forward to knocking down that nonsense.

Oh well, onward.
LOL.. Ye I wonder why the right ain't frothing at the mouth about this? I think they have too many issues of their own to deal with.

It's nice to see Ned Lamont give Joe Loserman a run for his money.
If Lieberman does go down we need to wave his bloody scalp at Biden and Carper.
intolerant of what? primaries?

if yous guys want to kick the moderates out of your party, go ahead.

we won't tell you to stop digging, here's a shovel!

Lieberman would have beaten Bush in 04.
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