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Monday, July 10, 2006


Joe Biden missed the train.

Just got word from my sources on the scene in Stamford that the Lieberyouth are telling people that Joe Biden will not be showing up to campaign for Joe Lieberman today. Biden was suppose to stump for his buddy today at the Tigin Irish Pub but it seems that Indian-American's favorite Democrat missed his train.

Given that a train departs Wilmington to to Stamford about every 45 minutes, let this sink in...

Either Biden thinks Lieberman is radioactive or Lieberman thinks Biden is radioactive.... Hilarious.

- Via Ct Blog

Yeah, it's not like Joe Biden to pass up an open microphone...
How do you get Joe Biden to miss a train?

Stick a microphone in front of him.

Actually, I think he missed the train because he was practicing his Indian accent at the 7-11. I am not joking.
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