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Monday, July 03, 2006


Holding My Breath

The Mexican election is too close to call. The Space Shuttle is sitting on the launching pad like some kind of huge roman candle. A new shiite insurgent group made its bloody debute in Iraq, and Bill Bennett thinks that American journalists and editors should be rounded up and jailed.

Is it me, or does anyone else feel like everything is about to go KA-PLOOEY ! ?

Billy needs to give up the public arena.
The Philly Inquirer said it best...if we let all govt classified docs go off limits they can then just classify everything they want to hide from the prople..and bvy all accounts that is most of what they are doing "on our behalf".
Extensive spying on the average American's phoning and banking habits and god knows what else is unAmerican.
The data base they have assembled (anyone realizing the power of parallel computers knows of what I speak) about *us* can augment what seems to be the hedge funder's insider trading and the resulting flat rewards of *common* market funds that the lower wealth enjoys...I am glad that this is coming out before we bought the billof goods fromt he GOPers aobut the trade-off of the Social Security Trust Fund and Wall Street one can bust the trusts of the hedgers if they are USING FEDERAL INSIDER KNOWLEDGE to edge out the market profits...and they certainly seem to be doing that looking at the stats.
Somehow I think ths vast data bank is going to abet big players and money investments.....
Yes, Jason, you hate America very much. We get that. Have a happy (or somewhat less than miserable) Fourth of July.
There, there Jason!
I too am plenty nervous about the future but as long as there are people like you and Nancy and others on this blog we just might have a chance. It's not easy. Democracy never has been easy, which is why you can't export it at the end of a gun. The people have to want it really, really bad. Some days I think the Ahmerikans have given up. Then I come here to Delawareliberal and I have hope!
Thanks Jason for all that you do!
uncle v,

One of us hates America, that much is clear.

BTW, I have you down as one vote for "Not about to go KA-POOEY"!
Ok. Did anyone else watch Meet the Press on Sunday? Bill Bennett was sooo flustered. They quote Bennett saying Dana Priest should be jailed for her secret prisons story and, of course, Dana was at the table! She says something to the effect of, "Well, it's not illegal to publish these sorts of things. Now, of course some people think it should be, some people think casino gambling should be illegal too..."

I thought Bennett was going to punch her in the ovaries right then and there. Straight shot to the babymaker.
Good olllllllld Uncle Vanya Cantstanja.

Jason IS America, buddy.

To criticize our government is to love America.

To support those destroying all it stands for is to hate America.

Hatred's most despicable expression is not in words but deeds and, V, you stand with the dirtiest of them.

Peace, Love, and RockNRoll.
God Fearing Liberals yeah!!
Nancy - I am not a liberal, I am a conservative. Above all, I am a defender of America's best values --- which are not being expressed by the government of the United States.....or its blind loyalists.

Vanya embodies what is wrong with every 3rd-class pseudo-con who has run out of logic, is overflowing with enemies, offers only poison to the rest of us, and is now feeling history's wrath.
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