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Monday, July 17, 2006


The case against a rubber stamp Congress

Spivack needs to turn up the volume and clearly link Castle to Bush and Iraq.

Here Darcy Burner, who is running in WA-08 gets it right in an NPR interview:

We clearly need a Congress that is going to demand a plan for finishing the job and bringing our troops home safely. . . . And at the moment, to be blunt, it looks like the choice is between a Republican policy of indefinite occupation and the demand for a plan to get out, which is what the Democrats would give you. . . . I think the military is much more likely to be able to write a successful plan for disengaging militarily from Iraq than the politicians are. The problem we have right now isn't that the military has in any way failed in their mission. . . . The problem is that we've got politicians in Washington, D.C. interfering with their ability to finish this. . . . At this point they're sitting over there getting shot at because the Republicans in Washington, D.C. can't figure out what their plan is to finish the job and bring them home. That's got to stop. . . . The Republicans have no plan. Their plan right now is indefinite occupation.

"What Burner does most effectively is to take the focus off of the idea that the Democrats have to come up with some sort of plan for Iraq, and to put the onus back onto the administration and the Republican Congress." - Kos

Spivack has served in the Navy and I'v seen him speak to how our troops are being stabbed in the back and hung out to dry by this terrible administration and rubber stamp congress. I just want to hear MUCH more of it.

Any comment yet from Castle's office regarding Indian River?

If not why not also ask why he continues to support the President?
Give Castle a break... Hasn't he pissed off the right-wing Christians enough this week with the stem-cell thing? Do you expect him to support life-saving research AND stand against anti-Semitism, all in the same week?
What do I have to do to be in the "deluded cranks and fops" section?
fiststate, you have to reject reason, logic, and experiance to gain admittance.
I can do that! I can do that!
Why has there been no coverage of Mr. Spivack's speeches, appearances, announcements, etc. by the NewsJournal?
Why has there been no coverage of (Fill in the Blank Challenger)speeches, appearances, announcements, etc. by the NewsJournal?

cause they never do.
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