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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


23% of conservatives are brain dead "Followers"

In his new book, former Nixon White House Counsel, John Dean described how his discussions with the late Barry Goldwater, evolved from talking about just how far afield the conservative movement has grown to a discussion of how authoritarianism has crept in and taken over the Republican Party.

Sparked by Goldwater, Dean continued to research on the subject with various scholars looking into the psychology of authorianism and found a wealth of information on the subject.

Acording to his findings, a vast majority of Conservatives are drawn into the Leader/Follower archetype, where the Leaders are considered infallable, and the loyalty of the Followers is completely unshakable. About "23% of the populace falls into the follower category" said Dean. "These people are impervious" to fact, rationality and reality. And their "Numbers are growing".

Nice is nice to know, as it goes a long way to explaining someone like Ryan at JTTR, but now what?

This is scary, but explains a lot especially about my generation (the under 30 crowd).
It also explains Jason's utterly blind devotion to all things Democrat.
Great site lots of usefull infomation here.
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