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Thursday, June 08, 2006


Zarqawi Killed

I'm not sure what this means. ( We are winning? ) Bush will expain the significance from the Rose Garden this morning.

-the BBC

WASHINGTON - President Bush on Thursday hailed the killing of al-Qaida leader in Iraq Abu Musab al-Zarqawi by military forces in Iraq at an early morning press conference in the White House rose garden.

“This was a key player directly responsible for some of the most horrific killing in Iraq including U.S. men and women service people. You can’t under-estimate the significance of that. But our mission continues and it is an effective one that will involve more sacrifice and more fighting,” the (White House) official said.

U.S. military shows video with F-16s dropping two 500-pound bombs that killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. - CNN It is not exactly marines hoisting a flag over Mt. Surabachi is it?

jason, what is your point? no snark needed here... regardless of our opinion of Bush's war in Iraq, AQ is the enemy, and good riddance to al-Zarqawi. Unless it turns out that the house we bombed was actually an elementary school full of kids and cute puppies, this is some rare good news from Iraq - enjoy it while it lasts.
Wouldn't you rather see us kill bad guys with limited exposure by our troops? They are far more likely to survive dropping a bomb on a convoy than getting into a firefight.
If Zarq was not asking for it, nobody ever asked for it in the history of the world. And I get that AQ is like a disease than wants me dead. I get all that, but I don't know...

Maybe it was all of the other 659 "turned corners" and "AQ third in commands" that have proceeded Zarq.

I want to enjoy it. Does that count for anything.
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