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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Who has it out for Crossan?

In a fairly good rundown of Wharton-gate, Sebastian at first slate raises this question:

...who is throwing GOP-Breck girl Crossan [seriously, that hair makes even Beau look like a Pauper] under the train on this one?

So who is it? Did Bill Lee get the green light from somebody higher up? Let's try to squeeze a bit more juice out of this story. Take the poll:

Who has it out for Crossan?
Bill "I'm still here" Roth
Terry "why does he get all the girls?" Strine
Pete "don't call me Pierre" DuPont
Michael "all you bitches work for me" Castle
Priscilla B. Rakestraw
Ron Poliquin
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I voted Castle.
What people don't get is that while Strine runs the state party and Lee runs the Sussex party, they can't stand each other. So it wasn't Lee, and using Lee's quotes against anyone is foolish.
Who exactly among the group who wooed Mr. Wharton into the race and helped him find gainful private employ proceeded to leave him and his campaign in these fine hands: Crossan and Bonini?
When's the next train?
I voted for you, you asshat.
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