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Friday, June 16, 2006


When Wingnut Ideologies Collide

Can I get a conservative take on this:

When someone kicks your door in you are supposed to assume they are out to kill you right? So being a law abiding, locked and loaded American patriot, I am allowed to start blasting. That is the case in states like Florida anyway, where they have have passed NRA-backed "A man's home is his Castle" laws that give homeowners the right to blast away without any obligation by the homeowner to establish that the intruder is actually a danger.

Now we have a supreme court decision that says police are allowed to bust in to homes "gestapo style" under the new "No Knock" theory. So here is my question, what happens when the police bust in and take fire? Is the "person of interest" who shoots at cops shielded by the NRA backed "Castle Laws".

- via TPMcafe

Claiming laws don't apply to the executive? Check.

Universal electronic surveillance? Check.

Jack-booted thugs? Rigbt on schedule.

I predict home-invasion crooks will adopt the practice of yelling "Police!! Warrant!!" when they bust in or are interrupted in a burglary.

The well-armed citizen may fairly conclude it is better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.
I don't see why they wouldn't be. Not that I'm endorsing shooting cops by any means, it just seems like the "no knock" thing is a whole lot of trouble...
You're misleading the people again, Jason. What the Supreme Court ruled was that when police fail to announce their presence, the penalties will discipline against the offending officers, not loss of the evidence found.

There is a penalty, it's just not the penalty your defense attorney wants.

Is that not just?
BTW, I like the capital C on Castle. Smooth.
the penalties will discipline against the offending officers, not loss of the evidence found.

I know cops. If there is no loss of evidence penalty I seriously doubt they are going to yell "POLICE!!! WARRANT !!!" ever.

To tell you the truth I don't blame them - but even Ryan thinks that this might bring us to a place that a democracy might not really want to go.
This decision will be seriously tested the first time non-uniformed cops make an unannounced smash-in and encounter a homeowner with robust defenses (advice: if you survive, demand a jury trial).

Time to install a moat, and sharks with frikkin lasers on their heads.
I'm just surprised you didn't go to default and blame this on Bush and the Republicans! God, can this just be an oversight on your part?

Come on, get with the program. The Supreme Court is a tool of Karl Rove! Get it? Rove, you idiot, it's right in front of your face!
Seeing you're a liberal and all, you should just keep your doors unlocked so the punks and the police can come in anytime, abuse your womenfolk and take whatever property that strikes your fancy. Of course they can do that, you're not armed and probably are really wimpy.
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