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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


What does it say about Ferris Wharton's character that he would even belong to the party of George Bush?

This was the 51st post on a Wharton thread over at Delawatch. I have (edited slightly and) pasted it here because it is too good to let languish waaay down in the sub-basement. The links did not survive the cut and paste, but you get the idea.

I've had it with the viewpoint that Wharton is apolitical and has too much integrity to be affected by politics. I am not willing to automatically extend him the benefit of the doubt. As a Republican he has to dig himself out of a DEEP credibility hole.

Republican state AGs are causing mischief all over the nation, and ALL of them ran on promises to be above politics. Make no mistake, the RNC has a plan to use AG positions to shape state policies and as a springboard to further elected office.

This is just a sample:

Republican AG subpoenas abortion records (Kansas) 2005Mar19.html

Republican AG appeals a court ruling against parental notification, in opposition to his governor (New Hampshire) 45466.htm

Republican AG files legal attack on lawyers who challenged Ohio election results 1102

Republican AG exposes corporate whistle-blower 1..._meddled_.shtml

Republican AG declares governor's order banning anti-gay discrimination "unconstitutional" (Virgina) wp...6022402003.html

Oh and then there's RAGA: "$5,000 Buys Companies Access to GOP Attorneys General" aid=519

RAGA = Republican AG Association (Jane Brady - past Vice Chair and RAGA money recipient). The Houghton campaign called out RAGA in 2002: vi...rady_secret.htm wonders about RAGA too: 2002_...e.html#85527222

If Wharton wants to keep his reputation for integrity he needs to renounce RAGA and its money. Watch Wharton on this one.

Also, let's ask Beau and Ferris if they plan to get serious about that damn chemical plant in Delaware City, the one that keeps releasing clouds of chlorine gas and occasionally dissolving entire people in acid. Does either Beau or Ferris see some much bigger fines in their future? or maybe Ferris with his talents could press richly deserved CRIMINAL charges?

Here's a good review of state AG races:

Beau, study this debate: 2005Apr11.html

If you want to know what Republican AGs really think, read up on this 2005 debate between two Virginia Republi-bot AG candidates who primaried each other ("From their haircuts to their suits to their stances on social and legal issues, Virginia Beach Del. Bob McDonnell and attorney Steve Baril are nearly identical"). McDonnell, a theocon graduate of Pat Robertson's law school, won by a "hair." If you think AGs are apolitical, look at the points of policy these guys were arguing.

Only one problem with the above. It was Carl Schnee (Dem candidate for AG) that called out RAGA in the 2002 AG race. Houghton just jumped on the bandwagon.
Are you serious with this line of crap? I need to know before I respond appropriately.

What the post points out is that these cogs, like Republican state AG's are part of the problem.

I know how you feel. Seeing your guy;( the better more qualified candidate and knowing that in a rational world he would be a lock,)but having a sick feeling in your stomach because the deck seems stacked against rationality and reason, is a feeling I am very familiar with. Trust me.

What you don't get is that Wharton and everyone who has not bolted the Republican party in protest over Bush is an accomplice.

Now if Wharton spent some time denoucing the GOP and it's rush to war, it's rush to wreck the economy and its rush to destroy the constitution - THEN I would say he dug himself out of the hole.
Actually the parent post is trying to debunk the attitude that party doesn't matter for the AG spot.
...that too.

Now if Wharton spent some time denoucing the GOP and it's rush to war, it's rush to wreck the economy and its rush to destroy the constitution - THEN I would say he dug himself out of the hole.

While all of those things are certainly worth debate, Wharton should not have to do that to run for Delaware AG as a Republican. In fact, he should be as apolitical as possible.
If Wharton should be apolitical then perhaps he should have run with no party affiliation.

All this talk of being apolitical is bunk. Come on! This is a political office. The AG gets the job by playing politics and for the next four years will be playing politics with the job. I may not like it, but until the GA makes this an appointed office you can't remove politics from the office (and even then it won't be fully removed). I guess what I am trying to say is party matters for this office, just like all the rest, and so Wharton will undoubtly suffer with some people for his party's views and so will Beau Biden.
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