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Friday, June 23, 2006


We are never leaving Iraq

Okay. The Republican plan is "as the Iraqis stand up, we'll stand down." Ignore the fact that that is a slogan and not a plan and now try to make sense of what Dick Cheney said yesterday:

"If we pull out, [the terrorists in Iraq] will follow us. It doesn't matter where we go. ... And it will continue---whether we complete the job or not in Iraq---only it'll get worse. Iraq will become a safe haven for terrorists."

Whether we complete the job or not - we will be leaving Iraq to terrorists. So we must staty in Iraq forever.

Please note that Michael Castle thinks that George Bush and Dick Cheney are doing a great job.


"To all the Republicans who sit in their air-conditioned offices and talk of the courage it takes for them to keep young kids in harm's way - I say enough. Karl Rove talking about "cutting and running" while he sits on his big, fat backside-saying "stay the course." I say enough! That's not a plan! We've got to have a new direction, and it's clear we need more Democrats in Congress to get that done. " Rep. John Murtha

Iraq represents a growth industry, especially for those entrepreneurial spirits who were farsighted enough to get in on the ground floor.
You got that right.

Can I interest you in some "fear" ? It is good for what ails you - esp. if you are a Republican office seeker.
Fear sure sells; just turn on CNN, Fox or MSNBC this morning to hear Alberto churning out the latest installment in the "shock-and-awe" sideshow. Not that those seven guys don't deserve to be put in jail for a long time, but it's more for their shear stupidity rather than their ability to actually carry out any of those "plans." But you won't hear THAT line being trumpeted, because that doesn't sell a damn thing!
This is going to go on for as long as there is a single cent left in the U.S. Treasury that Haliburton and the other profiteers can lay their hands on. Once we're broke then it ends. Poor old U.S.A. We're going to be a third world nation when Cheney and his pals are through with us.
Look, repeat after me (you too Dana):

Bush Hitler Bush Hitler Bush Hitler Bush Hitler Bush Hitler Bush Hitler Bush Hitler Bush Hitler Bush Hitler Bush Hitler Bush Hitler Bush Hitler Bush Hitler Bush Hitler....repeat.

Alright boys, stay on message here.
I don't get it.

Are saying that Bush is a good President ? Say it aint so Uncle V.
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