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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Two New to The Blog Roll

Donviti's De la Whare is one I've been meaning to add for a while. Check out the cartoon, and the "Send a (Polita)Kid to Iraq" posts.

Sporlitics mashes politics and sports into a blog that is hard to pronounce, but easy to read.

Way off-topic, I know, but you might appreciate these pics of John Still firing .50-caliber machine gun, standing on a tank, a fighter plane, a helicopter - a WHOLE SPREAD of photos, each one way better than Dukakis-in-the-tank.

Hint: To grab an individual photo, go to:

and replace pic1.jpg with pic2.jpg, pic3.jpg...etc, up to pic22.jpg.
thanks a lot......
donviti -

I did not mean to diss Dorian - so I'll change the link if you want me to.

anon - good stuff. I'm using it.
I didn't take it as a diss at all J, it was a sincere thank you.
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