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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Third Party Dreamers

I'm sick of third parties blowhards on the left who think they are too pure to associate with Democrats. Here (once again) is the LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC manifesto on third parties. All you Ralph Nader lovers should give it a read and think about it.


The Democratic party is the party of civil rights, economic justice, firm and fair relations within the international community, and along with organized labor, a check on the rapacious greed of twentieth century capitalism. When we work to strengthen the party we are working to make America live up to the promises of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.


In general elections:

I'm working for and voting for the Democratic ticket. That means I am going to end up voting for some crappy Dems from time to time. Even so, I will never EVER vote for a third party candidate out of "protest". That protest vote is a vote for republican greed and mismanagement, and a vote against my progressive interests.

In primary elections:

I'm working for and voting for the more progressive candidate. So that over the long run I will not have to vote for as many crappy Dems in the future.

If I ever have a legitimate gripe about the Democratic party - I can get off my ass and help fix it. Third parties are for utopian dreamers who have a hard time living and working in the real world. In these times of right-wing excess and abuse of power we can no more leave the Democratic party than we could leave a life boat to climb aboard a passing mirage.

To paraphrase the great Democratic president Bill Clinton, There is nothing wrong with the Democratic Party that can not be fixed by what is right with the democratic party.

If I ever have a legitimate gripe about the Democratic party - I can get off my ass and help fix it.

...which is exactly what I did. I'd never even worked on a political campaign before I started writing their blog. Up until then, I'd merely been a pissed off observer. I wasn't stupid enough to vote for Nader or anything, but I knew I couldn't keep rightfully complaining about the Democratic party without doing something about it. So I showed up at their first campaign event and said "let me write a blog for you." Lo and behold, here we are.
Andrew I think I's and Green Party folks like to maintain the fiction that the Democratic party is some impenetrable monolithic fortress because they want to let themselves off the hook.

If they ever took some time to get involved it would have to stop bitching and start working.

Bitching is simply easier.
Every Dem no matter how crappy votes the way I want on the most important issue: legislative leadership. Which determines which party gets to take the initiative on implementing its policies, and which party has to play defense.

Plus, the GOP has seriously overstepped. I used to lean left but split my vote on occasion, but the pursuit of Bill Clinton just pissed me off (Whitewater, etc) I have proudly been a Yellow Dog Democrat ever since.

If the Dems take power and become arrogant elitist liberals who lord it over the virtuous, fiscally-conservative Republican minority, maybe I'll go back to splitting my vote again.
Well said.
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