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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Still a Dumbass

Can some Republican out there clear something up for me.

Was this some kind of taxpayer funded junket designed to allow State Senators shoot machine guns and get their pictures taken on tanks?

If so, was that really the best use of our money?

UPDATE: It was federal tax money, not state tax money being squandered. I feel better now.

I don't think there's any misuse of funds here, but they are funny pictures.
I don't think there's any misuse of funds here

I think that depends on what he was shooting at.
It may have been one of the canned hunts republicans love so much, where you shoot at quail and pheasant that are released from boxes as the tank pulls up.
What is the deal with these guys and playing dress-up?
Is that Senator Dukakistill?

What a jackass! Did this putrid flag-waving idiot ever actually serve?

He couldn't remove the flak vest and helmet and stand away from the Humvee for this photo? Shameless and trashy. LIke him.

Unless you actually served in the military (and in my view actually bore arms at some point with LIVE ammunition) you should never be permitted to fire such weaponry, much less use it and soldiers as political props.
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