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Monday, June 26, 2006


The "stabbed in the back" mythology takes firm hold in the GOP

Have you heard the news? We'd be winning in Iraq if not for those liberal traitors in the press. That's right, President Bush today called the New York Times story revealing the administration’s monitoring of bank records “disgraceful,” and said the decision to publish details of the program “does great harm to the United States of America.”

According to Think Progress, Press Secretary Tony Snow followed up with another attack at today’s press briefing:

Tony Snow: "[T]he New York Times and other news organizations ought to think long and hard about whether a public’s right to know in some cases might override somebody’s right to live, and whether in fact the publications of these could place in jeopardy the safety of fellow Americans"

Asked whether the White House attacks on the New York Times represented an effort “to create a chilling effect on media outlets,” Snow responded, “I don’t think so.”

The Bottom Line: Our troops ARE being stabbed in the back. They are being stabbed in the back by the mismanegment, corruption and perfidy of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.

h/t Down w/absolutes

OT: Tom Carper is reportedly "on the fence" about the flag desecration amendment and it is possible that his vote could be the 67th vote that pushes the amendment over the top. Maybe he needs a few phone calls.
He should be worried about passing a "constitution desecration amendment".

Got links?
What country is this I am living in? Because it sure as hell ain't the America I thought I was born into.
Tommy must have thought better of what it means to be patriotic....flag=SYMBOL not COUNTRY
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