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Monday, June 05, 2006


Republicans in search of a "Teri Schiavo Moment" find gay marriage

Dear friend,

Each week, Senator Frist and the Republican Leadership make choices about the Senate agenda. They could focus our work on record high gas prices, the war in Iraq, or skyrocketing health care costs.

But there's an ugly truth: it's election season and down-in-the-polls Republicans are turning to their same old playbook - fear and division. Later this week, Bill Frist, in an attempt to appease extreme right wing elements of the Republican Party, has promised that the Senate will vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment and attempt to write discrimination into the Constitution for the first time in 230 years.

This divisive and unnecessary amendment that would undermine the Constitution has overwhelmingly failed each time the Senate has voted on it. We don't need another Terri Schiavo moment where we spend valuable time away from the important work that needs to be done. Now, more than ever, it's time to focus on security, solutions for the high cost of healthcare and gas prices.

But you know Bill Frist and the Republican Leadership can't be trusted to address real issues. After all, Senate Republicans and their big oil friends have forced more than ten votes to drill for oil in ANWR, but not a single vote to lower gas prices. They spent months trying to privatize Social Security, but Bill Frist can't find room in the schedule to raise the minimum wage or provide funding for Stem Cell research.

We need a President and a Congress that doesn't play divisive politics. At a time of war, Republicans should unite the country and focus on the real issues, not divide and undermine its founding principles.

Thank you,

Harry Reid

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