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Monday, June 19, 2006


The Republican Platform: GOTV 24/7: 365

GOTV means "get out the vote" and in thinking about the modern republican party it has occurred to me that I was wrong when I said "Republicans can't govern". It is more accurate to say "Republicans don't want to govern." The recent sham vote on Iraq in congress on is just the latest example of republicans ditching serious debate about America's future and opting instead for sound bites and partisanship.

Republicans have figured out that you don't win election by governing. You win by firing up your base and getting mud to stick to you opponent. Period.

So, it is never about policy for these guys - but only ever about GOTV. Viewed through that prism it is clear that the following things are related:

- Ting's proxies smear Tom Carper.

- Rep. Stephanie Ulbrich grandstanding on the backs of teachers in the Christiana School district,

- Dave Crossan's and Ferris Wharton's ongoing smear attacks on Beau Biden,

- Michael Castle's PR vote for another blank check for Bush, and

- The gay marriage amendment to the constitution.

Part two of this will look at why the Democrats have been so slow in picking up on this and countering it.

Smoking that cheeba again, are you boy?
Now that is what I call some insightful commentary.
Good question. I too want to know when democrats are planning on taking these republican smear campaigns (etc) and shove them back into their faces or down their collective throats. What is wrong with talking about how republicans are hypocrites, liars, frauds, etc? Why is that seen as demeaning? Can't we (collectively, all democrats) see that it is the way that the republicans have framed their arguments and the way that the majority of people, the majority of voters, respond? Sitting back and letting the republicans drive this next election with smears and lies and NOT yanking the wheel from their control may not be the way we want to run the election, but being high-minded and polite will get us what it got us in 2004...
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