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Friday, June 30, 2006


On voting the ticket in the age of Rove

MOT Newbie asks...

Have you ever voted for a repub, or at least a non-dem?

Back in the old days I was a ticket splitter. I voted for Castle instead of Miller in 2000. I voted against Clinton and for Nader as a protest because Clinton basically lied to liberals about NAFTA and other issues. (I regret that one because I think his showing encouraged Nader to run against Gore in the following election.) I also voted for the Republican running against Marion Barry in the DC mayoral elections. That was after Barry was caught smoking crack, and served time in jail for it. Clinton and Barry were both re-elected despite my ticket splitting. God himself could not have prevented Castle from beating Miller.

If a republican is pretty much the same as the "second-coming" and has guaranteed through undeniable example that he/she will deliver everything that will be good for all, would you still vote for the opponent soley because my described candidate is a republican?

Right now I'd have to say that I would vote for the Democrat. Here is why. The "good" republicans need to know that they screwed up. They need to know that I'm not just angry at Bush and Rove, but I'm also angry at the Castle's, Wharton's and Ting's of the world who tagged along for the ride. I'll give you an example. You know that picture of Ting with the hat on. WTF? Why was he dancing and that convention. If he is a "good" republican he should have been doing anything other than dancing. Why is Wharton still a Republican if he is so ethical? Just being a Republican today speaks volumes about what kind of person you are in the age of Rove.

The good republicans seem like they are starting to wake up, and that is a good thing. However, people who voted for Bush TWICE have a lot of work to do before I ever consider voting for another Republican.

You addressed me can I possibly follow up on that? Thanks for the such a cool way, too. I have to admit it is somewhat saddening that you feel a need to disregard any possible good quality (I'm not thinking of any candidate, just talking generalities) just for the sake of a label, BUT I also understand your reasoning, which is a sadder statement on the way things are today. Hopefully things will change and hopefully I will be part of that change. Stay tuned, but this will not be a quick process. No disillusions with me!
Good luck!
BTW I forgot to mention, there is a part II to this post. It has to do with the utter irrelevence of moderate Republicans and conservative democrats int eh age of Rove.

I'll get into why Joe Lieberman is getting kicked out of the party. Here is a hint, it is not the Iraq war.
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